Choosing the perfect pre work out diet for best results

Choosing the perfect pre work out diet for best results

Workout is essential part of our lives, but proper way of working out can give you better results in less time. There are some specific diets that you must have before and after you work out. Epagloo brings latest and the best information on fitness and health to keep you updated and fit. Here you will read about the foods you should eat before workout. Read out our tips and boost your energy with the right food.


Before you start working out, you can add the following foods to your diet plan:

Carbohydrates: They are one of the most essential requirements of body; you need a lot of power and energy during work out. You can gain energy by consuming the foods rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrate acts as preferred fuel source for our body. Therefore, before working out you must essentially include carbohydrate in your diet.

Protein: You must necessarily have protein before you work out. If you work out in the morning, you can include protein in your breakfast. It will help you during workout it will help you burn the calories faster. It is essential to have breakfast before two to three hours before workout. If you do not have a proper breakfast the low sugar level can make you sick or tired.

How to plan diet: Before you work out, plan your meal with according to the estimated calories that you are going to burn during workout. For an instance if you have an estimate to burn close to around 600 calories, you should have at least 300 calories before two hours you start work out.

You can also add chicken to your lunch along with salad with spinach spread. Chicken will provide your body with rich protein and spinach will give you carbohydrate.

These foods can be taken three or four hours before you start working out.

You should have snacks 30 minutes before you start working out. It will help you work more. And if you are planning to workout in evening then you must have a diet full of protein and carbohydrates. It reduces the exhaustion and makes you feel fresh and ready for exercise.

You must have two to five glasses of water 30 minutes before work out. This is very essential part of pre workout diet. If you want to boost your energy you should have a cup of coffee if you like, just 30 minutes before workout, it will help you feel fresh and charged. However, if you are taking coffee make sure that you drink enough water. This will reduce the harmful effects of caffeine.

Things to eat: You can have whole-wheat toast, sliced banana etc.
If you plan to work out in the evening, you should take fruit juice with very less sugar. You can also have granola bar, pretzels or fruit such as banana, watermelon or pineapple. Add healthy breakfast to your diet by adding eggs, high protein toast or rice cake. You may also consume low fat milk.

If you are planning to work out in the evening then you must eat balanced, protein and carbohydrate rich food. Your pre work out lunch should be balanced.

Exclusive Food Idea for Epagloo Readers:
Epagloo takes good care of the readers’ taste, so we are giving you a tasty idea on work out diet. You can consume a diet sandwich made with 2 pieces of high protein breads, some sprouts, turkey and tomato over it. The turkey will give you a balanced amount of protein while the garnish and bread will help you get the right amount of carbohydrates.

You must pay attention to your body as you change your meal for better results from workout. These are some guidelines for pre workout diet. Each of us has a different body type so you can adjust the quantity, time and the type of food according to the needs of your body. For more information on Fitness and health, read more articles on .

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