Chinese workers risk their lives constructing a mountain road off a cliff

Chinese workers risk their lives constructing a mountain road off a cliff

21 fearless workers risk their lives constructing what will soon be China’s longest mountain road, situated in Pingjiang county within the province of Hunan.


Day after day, these brave workers balance perilously on nothing more than rusty scaffolding poles without the use of ropes or safety harnesses and with nothing more than the hard hats on their heads for protection.

10402461_896034580485961_3666877718972176915_nTheir job scope involves standing on rusty scaffolding poles, hammering portions of the bridge into hard rocks and transporting cement-laden wheelbarrows across a shaky wooden pathway.11659464_896034583819294_9052474408748344935_n

The final 1km portion of the 4km-long road began in October 2014. The workers are currently constructing a 400m-long glass road overlooking the cliff which, when completed, will offer tourists a spectacular view of Shiniuzhai National Geopark.10423790_896034603819292_5240874174713851991_n
Yet another glass-floored walkway is stretched out between the two mountaintops in Pingjiang, some 600ft off the surface of the ground. The bridge sways occasionally as the cold wind blows, which scares the living daylights out of some tourists.11403019_896034613819291_3183410723412529392_n

Specially-trained staff have been recruited just to escort frightened visitors to the other side. Yet none of this seems to faze the 21 fearless builders, as they continue to toil atop the hair-raisingly lofty mountain top cliff.11667540_896034660485953_3502175445794025355_n

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