Disaster Recovery : Car saves a plane

Disaster Recovery as Darth Vader’s would do  : How a car saves plane from landing gear failureDisaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery in Darth Vader’s way : The video shows a plane that was landing but encountered gear failure and had high chances of crashing as a result of the failure. By use of a mobile phone, the pilot informs the personnel on the ground about the failed gear system that might make the plane crash upon landing. There is fast communication and a car is fast put of the runway so that it can help the plane to land safely without any problem. This works out well and the driver of the car is able to make the airplane land safely. The driver simply maintains the speed of the car to be the same with that of the plane so that the from wheel lands in the luggage section of the car and then the car slows the plane down until it stops.

The car that helps the plane in the landing process is a 4 by 4 car which is able to sustain the weight of the plane and make it land safely. By watching the video clip, one can clearly see that the whole process requires one who is experienced enough to know the steps to take in order to make the plane land safely without crashing.

As a result of the safe landing, no passenger is injured, which makes many people congratulate the driver of the car that was used as disaster recovery, instrument and prevent’s the plane from crashing just because of the failed gear system. In bad cases that have been reported of planes crashing when just about to land or when they are taking off have been fatal since at least a death is always reported in any of the cases.

The death toll in most of the plane crashes is always very high and this has made many people believe that a plane crash is a fatal accident that one can ever get engaged in since many people die. The case of this airplane is one that takes place when the plane is just about to land in the airport and it is the fast communication system that enables it to finally land safely with the help of the car. A man reports the noises they had from people who viewed the plane while almost landing, many people were running towards the windows as they were attracted by the noise of those who were outside and had the view of what was happening.

The communication between the pilot and the other personnel is very critical as it updates the people in the airport of everything going on during the flight. This is very important as it can help to save the people on the plane in case of any problem in the airplane.

In order to reduce the airplane crashes, the communication should be made after every hour as this will give the personnel in the airport good updates on the flight. Such saves can also be made effective by encouraging personnel in the airport to do disaster recovery that deal with the tricks they can use to save people in a flight. The player will gain the knowledge and skills on how to deal with different situations.[mashvideo]

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