A Buffalo Overhauls The King of the Jungle!

A Buffalo Overhauls The King of the Jungle!

Watch this amazing video of a buffalo saving his friend from a lion attack in Kruger’s National Park, South Africa on a morning. A lion was flipped 5 meters into the air by a buffalo who took the risk of saving his friend’s life.
Ian Mathewson, 52 and his son Oliver, 16 along with his friends shot this extraordinary video on a morning during safari into the Kruger’s National Park in South Africa. Two juvenile lionesses were stalking a buffalo and attacked after a 45 minutes wait and brought down the defenseless buffalo, one of the lionesses left herself open to a thunderbolt by his daring friend. An adult male buffalo interceded to save his friend and threw the attacking lion into the air round 5 meters high leaving the lion devoid of its food and saving its young friend. Astonishingly all the animals walked away with none being severely injured hurting the pride of the lionesses.


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