The Bucket List Family : A Long Extended Holiday

The Bucket List Family : A Long Extended Holiday

The Bucket List Family, and they plan to live up to it

Garret Gee, a 25-year-old Utah man is taking his wife and 2 children on an extended vacation all over the world, are you envious yet?

Garret Gee, a 25-year-old Utah man is taking his wife and 2 children

Let me finish:

The founder of the very popular iphone app “Scan” has sold his creation to SnapChat in a whopping $54 million and along with everything else material in their lives, to explore the world. They have been deemed the name, “The Bucket List Family”, and they plan to live up to it. The family’s travel goals are endless; starting in the lower South Pacific islands, so far they have visited Fiji, New Zealand, Thailand, Hawaii, and Australia.

Some family vacation huh? Garret and his wife have started documenting on (The Bucket List Family Blog) which is keeping all of us jealous readers up to date on their travels. Their wish is to become closer as a couple and family but also to enjoy all of the beautiful things in life that so many people take for granted. Nothing good in life is free anymore, and breath taking natural beauty of the world has no price tag, if you’re billionaire.

An Exciting Life

The Bucket List Life seems like something we all would love to experience. Wouldn’t you love to just sell everything you own and take off on a permanent vacation across the world? It would be a dream come true for myself and I’m sure anyone who hasn’t left their home. I love the USA, it is my home just life the Bucket List Family of Utah; but I would give anything to travel the world and see some of the other beautiful places and homes of other people who can see more than cars and streets every single day.

I would love to live a Bucket List Life and to abandon my full time job for breath-taking views of the ocean and all the different cultures that this world has to offer. Unfortunately, I am not a billionaire so I will not be selling all of my belongings any time soon. I will however keep following The Bucket List Family Blog and stare endlessly at all of the wonder they get to experience on this magnificent vacation.

What’s Next?
Garret and his family are swimming with whales, sitting next to giant sea turtles, taking in all of the different architectures and groups of people just living their normal life in places that we dream about visiting just for a weekend.

The Billionaire isn’t trying to flaunt his earnings by living a lavish lifestyle, but to show his family more than just a home/office life and expose his children to much more than what most people get to see or grow up with every day.

They want to remain humble through this experience and keep a soft heart about life and the people that they come across during this voyage. It isn’t just a typical vacation, the Gee family have turned their planted roots into free spirits and they are searching the world for all of the wonderful beauty, traditions, and cultures to broaden their horizon of life.

My Thoughts

I would love to give my children such an opportunity as to see some of the lives that other people live and teach them to always treat other people the way they would expect to be treated and to respect and embrace others and their different ways of life.

I commend the Bucket List Family because they aren’t just on a family vacation, they are on a journey to learn about other countries and want to appreciate all of the fine things that this diverse world has to offer.

What beautiful souls this young couple must have and how wonderfully lucky their children are to have such adventurous and curious parents. I hope to continue reading and seeing all of the amazing sights and homes of the places they are visiting on their garage sale funded vay-cay![mashvideo]

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