Bombs That Russia Used in Syria In The Fight With ISIS, Some Are Cutting Edge

Bombs That Russia Used in Syria In The Fight With ISIS, Some Are Cutting Edge In Technology

Bombs That Russia Used in Syria In The Fight With ISIS

Bombs That Russia Used in Syria In The Fight With ISIS

In the present time Syria has been the center of catastrophe. Being attacked by Russian warplanes and leaving Syria in complete chaos.

On September 30, Russian war planes attacked Syria striking and destroying eight targets around Homs. Then on the 2nd day they continuously hit another five targets vastly damaging Syria. Civilians lived miserably, women and children’s lives are put in total jeopardy.

To date, it was reported that more than half of the Syrian population has left the country, seeking refuge from other countries. And that alone is an entirely new story.

Avian bombs were used in striking Syria, most of these bombs are said to be old dumb bombs because they failed in targeting their real target that greatly put the civilians’ lives at risk.

But recently it was reported that Russia has started using smart weapons inventory against Syria, in it’s aim to kill the ISIS.

The following are the type of avian bombs that were used to attack Syria.

One Avia bomb used is the BETAB-500, it is 2.5m in length and weighs 380 kg. and has a payload of 77 kg.

Another avian bomb is the RBK 500, a kind of cluster bomb that can also be fired on air. The ODAB-500 or a kind of avian fuel-bomb, which also brings nightmare to the people of Syria.

These are unguided bombs that could kill thousands of innocent people in a snap.

Russia today has been one great manufacturer of war weaponries including avia bombs, and top of the line war aircraft’s.

The Sukhoi Su-24 is a supersonic all weather war aircraft manufactured in the Soviet Union. It was produces in 1967 and at this time is still in service to various air forces to which it was sold.

Another aircraft model is the TU-22M, another super sonic maritime strike bomber developed in Tupolev.

Just recently Syria received a SU-24 from Russia under a deal that Syria will soar up their military capabilities in fighting terrorism.

These Russian weaponries are manufactured in TUPOLEV, a Russian aerospace and defense company.

Vladimir Putin and his ministers has been instruments to this world chaos especially in Syria, to their belief in fighting terrorism and serving Russia.

Millions of people have been killed mostly civilians and the number of death toll will continuously rise if this does not end. [mashvideo]

Source: EDGE of Reality ➨TheEvogod

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