The Blue Whale Game And Its Reality

The Blue Whale Game And Its Reality

One of the deadly suicide games that have come up in the market is the blue whale suicide game. After spreading to the entire world, the killer game has arrived in India unluckily. The young adults have been badly targeted by the game. There have been reported cases of suicide in the entire country due to which all the parents everywhere have got so much worried. In the whole world, the death number has reached to total 150. The entire challenge is of 50 days wherein the participants are asked to perform tasks like pinching over their hands to the other self-destructing task. For each and every task, a proof has to be sent to the admin of the game. The challenge ends up asking the participant to suicide.

Introduction of the game

The blue whale game is a suicide game where the group of administrators provides a list of task that the participant has to complete. The entire game has to be completed in the time period of 50 days. There is a list of events in which the last and the ending task of the game is to commit suicide. For each and every challenge that has been completed, the picture has to be clicked and shared.

The tasks that start daily are easy and then they become tough day by day. The tasks start off as listening to certain music, going for the walk at certain odd hours, self-mutilation, watching the horror films, carving out some shapes like that of a whale over hand and finally the suicide. Till now, nobody actually knows the real place from where the game has to be downloaded. Some of the users say that the app has to be installed on the smart phone whereas some other people say that the game can be played with the help of platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. Here, the admin gets in direct touch with the player.

Events within the game

Following are some of the event of tasks that have to be completed in order to successfully complete the game:

Make some carving on your hand with the razor.

Watch the scary videos at 4 am that the curator has sent you to watch.

Along the veins, cut your arm with a razor.

To draw the whale over a piece of paper.

If you agree to become a whale then you have to right on your leg ‘yes’ and it has actually to be carved. In case you do not agree then you have to punish yourself giving many cuts to the body.

You are also asked to carve the whale over your hand with the help of a razor.

You have to watch the scary videos all the day.

You will be asked to cut your lips.

Listen to the horror music all the day.

Make yourself sick by doing something painful.

Some other secret tasks.

Meet with a whale.

Jump off a very high building.

These are some of the tasks that have to be performed within the game and there are many more other activities as well.

Signs to watch if your child is involved

These are some of the signs and symptoms which point out to the fact that your child may be involved in any of such activity. The parents and teacher can watch out these points so as to protect their child from any mishappenings.

Have a look at them below:

If your child craves too much for any gadget.

If he or she is spending a lot many hours on any gadgets.

If he is not fresh in the morning and feeling sleepy.

If the child is keeping himself trapped in the room locked from inside.

If their frequent cuts over his or her body.

If the child is showing more in terest towards the horror and the thriller movies.

If there are strange updates over his or her social pages.

If he or she is found mostly on the terrace.

If she or he suddenly becomes angry.

If the child remains upset and loses interest in activities.

These are certain signs which you can look at to safeguard your child from any further bad things that can happen to him or her.

What can parents do?

If you feel your child is showing any of the above signs, then try to engage more with him. Always keep a track on all the activities of your child and try to sync your phone with his or her phone. There are many available apps that can help you to do so. Try to have a discussion with your child which is friendly and do not always interrupt. If there are cuts over his body, try to meet a psychiatrist as soon as possible. Contact to the school faculties and ask them to take up activities in the school which is good for mental health.

These are certain cures that you can do to keep away your child from any bad happenings and thus he will also try to leave the addiction of the game.


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