The Childhood legend is back, Beyonce’s voice is in demand for “The Lion King” remake

The Childhood legend is back, Beyonce’s voice is in demand for “The Lion King” remake:

The Lion king was first released in the year 1994 which was an American animated epic musical film, produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney pictures across the globe.

It was the story of a lion’s kingdom in Africa and was influenced by William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It was directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, depicts the story of Simba, a young Lion who is to succeed his father, Mufasa, as king of the pride lands.

The year it was released, it was appreciated and loved by the crowd which fell them in love with Simba and every year asked for more. There are whispers in the ears that filmmaker Jon Favreau is all set for the animated remake of ‘The Lion King’ and he is casting the pop diva Beyoncé for the voice of the character Nala.

The Lion king remake is still under the discussion as Jon is up with the discussions for the lion king cast. He also wants the songstress to do the voice role alongside Donald Grover which will be the perfect voice for Simba.

Director made an approach to Beyoncé for the role and the voice but nothing has been deciding yet and no further details were included. It has been held as the singer has announced that she is expecting twins which she posted on Instagram and within 35 minutes the picture received heart-warming 1.5 million likes. Beyoncé, pregnant with twins wants to spend some time with her family and delayed all the contacts till the time she is ready for it and also for the new assignments.

James Earl Jones will reprise the role of Mufasa in the film having the voiced the character in the classic 1994 animation Hollywood movie. The movie is expected to be released next year by 2018 but the exact date is not released yet by the directors of the movie.

If Beyoncé will be in the cast she’d play the lover of Donald Grover who was officially announced as the father Simba in February. Beyoncé’s twins are expected in early June as normal pregnancy will go to 40 weeks, but with twins, it’s a few weeks less.

She is not that type of woman who will quit for anything but now the situation has been changed and it is about the health of her babies and she doesn’t want to take any chances as carrying twins is a bit harder than the single baby.

The new lion king is set to make its mark in the industry as the previous movie made bag full of collections in a year and the directors see it as another opportunity. Beyonce Lion king combo was expected to launch in 2017 but delayed due to the requirements of the voice for particular characters in the movie. It turned out to be perfect for the director and for Walt Disney and also for the future Disney lion king.

This will be a treat for the public as it was the most adored movie of the century and was one of the favorite movies for children. It lets us understand the wildlife as they do have emotions and affection for the loved ones and they will do anything to protect them.

Betrayal is also a kind of emotion and has been showcased in a perfect way in the movie. We all are waiting for the moment and we send our best wishes to Beyoncé and to Jay-Z and hope she says yes for the voice of Nala.

Looking at Beyonce, Nala looks like one of the most promising offers.  Like always, she is going to make it big once again. Legends never do anything small. They are meant for big breaks.

Source: Pop Trigger

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