Do you believe these 10 things about North East Indians which show your racist and ignorant personality?

Do you believe these 10 things about North East Indians which show your racist & ignorant personality?

India is a country which is known for its diversified religions and traditions, right? We all are independent now but still, we behave weirdly towards the racism. We are now almost divided into the lines of wealth and still, we are discriminating between the color and other social standings. What are we talking about? Yes, we are talking about the racism towards the Northeast Indians. Numerous people still discriminate on the basis of colors but it is totally opposite in American countries.

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Racism is obviously very shameful in this modern era where we all are independent now. Are you aware of the North East Indians? Numerous people who are hailing from the Northeast areas are always being asked very weird questions. Do you want to know which types of questions? They often asked the questions like, “Do you guys eat the Dog Meat?” or Are you from China?” and so on. A number of Northeast Indians are campaigning for an anti-racism legislation as they believe that almost all the Indians including the government are the racists.

These racial incidences are usually masqueraded as either ‘curiosity’ or ‘jokes’. Do you want to know the plight of the Northeast Indians? Yes? Just have a slight look at the same-

Trisha Bhuyan, 27, Assam: She was the one who interned with a reputed newspaper around 5 years ago having a generic conversation in which she told that she did her entire schooling in the Assam but still she was asked as Are there any schools in Assam? Did you study in those Jhopar Pattis?

Priyanjana Roy Das, 25, Assam: She was a lady from Guwahati and was in Bengaluru a few years back. She said that she has been asked if a passport is required to go to the Northeast. 

Precious Kamei, 30, Manipur: She revealed that she had heard a lot of ignorant remarks as I had to answer the questions like, “Have you ever tried human meat?” 

Abhilasha M*, 28, Meghalaya: She was an Assamese who had been brought up in the Shillong and she had really a very amazing look which was just like the attraction point for many. Numerous people just complimented her that she doesn’t look the Northeastern. 

Richivandana Gogoi, 27, Assam: According to her, a gym instructor asked her “Where are you from? Northeast? West Bengal? Because I can’t make out from your face”. She replied that she is from the Northeast and he said that you actually not look like a northeastern. 

Annie L, 33, Nagaland: She was a lady in Bengaluru who has mansplained that Northeast was inherently 

Richa Barman, 39, Assam: She was asked if I or any of my relatives were a member of the extremist outfit, ULFA 

Konyak*, 30, Nagaland: One of her college friend in Nagaland asked her if her house is made up of the bamboos. She patiently replied that they don’t live in the tree houses.

Kharraswai*, 33, Meghalaya: She had to suffer from a situation where people strongly believe that all of the tribes are same. One of her junior from her college asked her about her place.

Tzudir, 20, Nagaland: One of her hostel friends asked her if she is from Nagaland.

We don’t even think that we are highly responsible for the growing insurgency in the North East India. Racism is rampant everywhere here and there from Australia to India and from Delhi to Manipur. It is all about the inevitable shame to the Northeastern victims. In the last 3 years, about 704 cases of crimes against the Northeast Indians have been registered and about 174 people have been already arrested for the same in 2015 but what is the result?

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