Beginner’s guide to get the perfect eye makeup for any occasion

Beginner’s guide to get the perfect eye makeup for any occasion

Eyes reveal the beauty of our heart and the right eye make over not only enhances your looks but it also boosts up your confidence. Today, Media24by7 has brought helpful information on eye makeup that you can easily try out at your home. Get ready and make your loved ones lost in your eyes. Why don’t you try the following tips on eye makeover to get your eyes shine? Here you will get complete information on adding beauty to your eyes with appealing eye makeup.

Have you ever tried Pink eye make over? Take help of this guide to learn how to add attraction to your beautiful eyes. Pink eye make over looks trendy in winters, it is considered as the season’s favorite eye makeup. It is light and beautiful. You can wear this casually in office and in the college, as it is simple yet trendy and stylish.

Here are the steps to follow for the perfect pink eye makeover:

Things you need: For pink eye makeover get a primer and concealer, light pink eye shadow, dark pink eye shadow, an eyeliner ,mascara, a highlighter eye shadow  and artificial eye lashes(if required)

How to Start:

Step 1: In the beginning apply primer and concealer to the eyes and apply it in under eye areas. Proper priming will help the eye shadow to stay and shine for long. Concealer will hide the spots and dark circles. If you have oily lids, you must use the primer. Primer will keep the oil away for long time and help you get the right kind of makeover.

Step 2: In next step apply a thick line of kohl pencil; you can also apply a black cream eye shadow on eye lids. The line of kohl must be thick on the upper lids. Now smudge it in upper direction to reduce its intensity.

Step 3: Now apply the vibrant pink eye shadow on the outer edge, it must be dense because you have already applied the black base before. Start applying this shade from middle to the outer edge for better results.

Step 4: Now apply light pink eyeshade in the inner 1/3 part of your eyes, make sure both the shadows do not get mixed. Here you will have to start from inner corner of eye and you then bring the shade towards the outer corner.

Step 5: Now with the help of a brush, blend both the eye shadows together to get harsh lines. Now you have to take a bit of dark pink shade on the pencil brush and apply it on the low lash lines. Now you have to extend the eye shadow on two third parts inward and then connect it with the outer shadow that you applied on upper part.

Step 6: Now with the help of a fluffy brush, apply the pink shade in the brow bone and apply the same shade in the inner corners. This will give the eyes Q-tip trendy look.

Step 7: Now apply thin eyeliner and if you wish you can create a flick. If you are going to wear casuals, then do not create a flick. Now use the kohl pencil to line the inner lid of your eye.

The final step:  Now it is the time to apply a coat of mascara. Before this, you can also curl your eyelashes if you want to. If you wish to have sexy eyes to leave a naughty impression on your partner, you can put on artificial eyelashes. But before using them you must remember to remove the fallouts, as they can spoil the whole makeup.

Now, eye makeup is completed. You may also use extra gloss to have a party look with the same make over. Follow the above steps and get trendy pink eyes. For more information on beauty and more tips visit Media24by7.

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