Mongoose vs Snake Extreme Battles – Top Wildlife Safari Car Tour Live

Mongoose vs Snake Extreme Battles – Top Wildlife Safari Car Tour Live

This is the scenario that happens as a king cobra and grey mongoose engage in a classic battle to determine who finally emerges as a victor and a prey as well. It is an animal video fight between two aged and old enemies as these two animals stare into each other’s eyes.

This best video camera for wildlife between mammal and reptile sees an Indian grey mongoose taking on a fight with one of the world’s most poisonous snakes, a king cobra.But the mongoose is just very fast as it slowly moves out of the way before aiming to bite the cobra’s head. The two arch enemies then attempt to stare each other down before striking at each other again to bring their duel to a close.

So I ask a question: who do you think will win between a cobra snake and the Indian grey mongoose?

The Indian Grey Mongoose has strong immunity against cobra bites and is very agile as well, so it can win in a fight with a cobra. However, the mongoose which can be found in the wild such as African safari will probably avoid the cobra even though the cobra seems to be stronger, as they eat a lot of other animals. So, they would prefer not make tangible efforts for their meal.

This is why efforts to control snake population in wild by importing mongooses became a disaster: The Mongooses instead began eating wild birds and rodents and didn’t touch the snakes.Do you want to see this historic fight in action? Don’t worry! The National Geographic houses a wildlife video capturing animal fight between an Indian mongoose and the world’s longest poisonous snake, a King Cobra.

There is so much to learn in this animal fight video. All you need do is just to watch the events unfold gradually, and I say that you are going to find your answer in this one hour and thirty minutes of this magic African wildlife safari tours.

My Humble Answer

In any fight between a mongoose and a cobra snake, the Mongoose is bound to win because of its agility and fearlessness. But what remains glaring to most people is that most mongooses dies after animal fight because the snake usually bites a mongoose during the fight with its venom which causes death later.But, come to think of it in another way! Mongoose has certain proteins in its blood that has the capacity fight against snake poison. Also mongooses have very strong reactions and as such they cannot be easily bitten by cobra.

Therefore cobra fell as prey to mongooses!The footage was taken in southern India with the best video camera for wildlife after the mongoose stumbled across one of its favorite foods in the wild. King cobra poison is capable of killing a human being within just 30 minutes, according to National Geographic. Indian mongoose is popularly used to fight and kill venomous snakes, because of their rapid reactions and thick coat.[mashvideo]

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