Why Maldives Is Best For BackPackers? Find Out


A Backpackers Guide to Maldives : Don’t Have Enough Money, Here Is A Cheap Way To Visit Maldives

backpackers guide to maldives

Travel to the Maldives in a backpacker’s style is the most cost-efficient method you will hardly assume when given the chance. It is one of the destinations with features that keep you engaged in your entire vacation. With the Maldives trip package opting for a holiday in the Maldives won’t make you regret.

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Travelling to the Maldives requires you to make a budget that caters for your stay in the entire period of your choice. The majority of the backpackers travelling to Maldives have reported a day’s budget of $60. Though seasons change, variations are not significant in comparison to the benefits one gets from the vacation.

A Maldives vacation is peculiar starting with booking a flight through a travel agency that has distinct services. Airbnb provides competitive services for a holiday such as flight, lodging, and rent a car service. Using this service can save your budget costs.


Finding accommodation in Maldives may be expensive on a backpacker budget. If you opt for spending the entire stay in a hotel inn can lead to a hike in costs. You may consider taking a beach house at fair expenses. Simple choices involving the place you would stay and eat using what you carried in the backpacks is what motivates adventures for cheap holidays to the Maldives.

Essentially, you cannot stay without food in a vacation. Food is a daily need and has to be considered for a good stay. You may opt to enjoy services provided in a trip package in any resort however, on a backpacker’s budget, finding a cheap option is trivial. Opting for local food made out of seafood may cost you approximately $3.50 a meal. Individuals not able to take seafood can dig their further for to $5-$10 for meat or chicken meals.

Beach House in maldives

The beautiful destinations in the Maldives include Male that is richly endowed with lifestyle. A ride to Villingilli region to observe the Male beach and the various villages in the Maldives vacation is pleasurable. The Kuja Bandos, a Picnic Island has a broad range of activities you can engage in as a backpacker. It includes banana boating, Jet skiing, swimming on the beach, and suntan. Try the Maldives for exclusive experience!!!

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