Baby Elephant, Me-Bai Was Kidnapped Reunites With Mom : An incredible story that will melt you

Baby Elephant Me-Bai was kidnapped at three reunites with mom- An incredible story that will melt you:

At a very young age of three, a baby elephant, Me-Bai was taken away from the mother elephant for commercial use. It was heart-wrenching but the Elephant Nature Park of Thailand got them united. Finally, the mother and the baby found each other.

Can we imagine a single day without our mother? We can’t !!

That goes even for the expressionless animals. The kidnapping of the baby elephant took place in the year 2011. The world of the circus was awaiting her at the cost of separation with her mother. She was being utilized to provide elephant rides for the tourists visiting the circus.

The poor baby Me-Bai began to lose weight and that’s how her career in circus somehow paused. She was therefore sent to the Elephant Park of Thailand. For what had happened to her, she was in dilemma of being as lively as she used to be. Soon, she knew that this life had freedom to offer to her. She started to live her life once again the same way.

Lek Chailert, one of the authorities of the park got in touch with the owner of the trekking business where the mother elephant used to work. The conversation worked in favor and the mother elephant was sent to the same park. Now, the baby elephant, Me-Bai and the mother elephant Mae-Yui live happily after the unity.

They had been away for three years. The sight of the two showing affection in the form of a hug, joining trunks, and cry. Their reaction could melt even the toughest hearts.

There are good people as well as evil. While the circus people separated the mom and the daughter, the mother elephant’s owner and the Elephant Nature Park’s authority started working together in getting the two rehabilitated to nature.

The story is a lesson for everyone to learn. It is to make people aware that elephant rides are fun for the people and not for the animal. Most of the elephants offering entertainment have been separated from their families at a tender age. This is how they are forced into the profession.

Stop elephant rides, stop abusing animals.


Source: elephantnews

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