Aussie Legend Bitten by a Snake in the Head watch live video

Aussie Legend Bitten by a Snake in the Head watch live video

In a footage from popular reality tv show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here, Aussie legend spinner Shane Warne finds himself in a bit of a bind when he ended up getting bitten by an anaconda during one of the show’s Australian version episode. The incident became breaking news after the said episode finished airing last Thursday.

As part of the show’s running theme, Warne was seen dunking his head straight into a box crawling with all sorts of insects and animals that would have any one else running. The said incident is part of the the popular show’s Tucker Trial episode, where before the case of the snake, Warne was seen diving head first into boxes of rats, scorpions, African clawed frogs and Madagascan hissing cockroaches.

But the former Australian Test cricketer star was yet to face one of his greatest fears, something that he has openly admitted himself, and that is the fear of snakes. The show’s host Chris Brown even gave a warning to Warne that the snakes, may get a hint of the rat smell in him and immediately go for him as food. Brown may have been proved to be prophetic because Warne was bitten immediately by one of the non-venomous snakes right in the head.

But despite being bitten, Warne fought through and overcame that challenge. Once he got what he needed from the box full of slithering Anacondas, he was immediately given first aid. News Corp Australia reported that he was immediately treated by a medic with antiseptic fluid and is not being monitored closed for any signs of suspicion.

Warne obviously showed everyone of his brave character, especially going head on with one of his absolute fears. The whole incident might just have been one of the best news to hit television and the internet this early on 2016.


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