Animal Lives are affecting due to Mumbai Floods

Animal Lives are affecting due to Mumbai Floods

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As we all can see that the city of dreams, Mumbai is now in the worst situation due to the uncontrollable floods. Not only people but also numerous birds and animals are also getting affected due to such disaster. We people only focus on our own but we must understand about the four-legged friends who need more special care as they can’t even speak or express their feelings with anyone. They don’t even find a perfect shelter for themselves and thus the situation is getting worse day by day. Birds can even find their shelter by getting higher than the storm waves but what about the other animals who are just left shivering in the corners between such worse climatic conditions. Animals are the ones who have to suffer a lot in such kind of natural calamities and disasters. The worse Assam Floods have already provided a data of the destroyed lives of animals.

People must understand the situation of animals and birds too by considering them also as their own fellows. We all must provide a helping hand to all our fellow citizens including the animals and birds too. The situation is continuously going on low and the shelter seekers are now going or moving towards the Gurudwaras of Mumbai which are always open to anyone and everyone without considering any particular caste or community. Not only the human beings but the animals and birds are also welcome here in the gurudwaras which are now providing the shelter to many. Numerous welfare organizations are also there nearby the Gurudwara who are also participating in providing a helping hand to the needy people.

One of the most popular organizations named as PAWS helped numerous people previously in 2005 Mumbai floods, how? The organization helped a lot by supplying the basic necessities such as food and other things along with providing a safe shelter as well. These heavy monsoon rains have now brought the entire MUMBAI city to a halt and the worst floods have made the situation to be more drastic and problematic. When it comes to the human lives, about 1,200 people have been passed away across India, Bangladesh, and Nepal just because of the heavy floods. Numerous other people, animals, and birds have become the victim of such worst situations over there in Mumbai. The heavy rains have now led to a broad area stretching across the entire Himalayan Foothills in Bangladesh, Nepal, and India which is now resulting in landslides and damaging roads. The situation is getting worse for the animals and birds.

People must understand their responsibilities towards the innocent birds and animals that have done nothing at all but still, they are facing severe issues with their lives. Don’t discriminate between the categories and start becoming a helping hand for others by just following these help lines to get an instant help

PAWS: 91- 9820161114
IDA India: 91-9320056581, 022-32681418
BSPCA: 91-22-24137518, 24135285, 24135434
Karuna: 91-9819100100
All India Animal Welfare Association: 022-23094077

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