Amazing Model Modeling As Men as Well As Women

Amazing Model Modeling As Men As Well As Women

In the world where people are suffering from the discrimination issues, there are some of them who are not thinking all this and working beyond the gender discrimination. Girls and boys are being differentiated over lot many grounds and this is the major issue that world is facing from last time. Among all of us is a woman who has broken all these boundaries and work both as a man and woman. He is none other than the Rain Dove.

Amazing Model Modeling As Men As Well As Women

You might have never heard of any model that is enacting out the fashion both as a man as well as a woman. We are introducing here Rain Dove who is actually doing so. She has changed the definition of fashion by wearing dresses of man and woman. She is an androgynous model who has actually changed this fashion castings’ binary nature as he models out both in menswear as well as the women wear.

This image clearly shows how freaking she looks and how amazingly she works in both gender looks.

One person with different outfits

It is totally true that this is the same person being shown in two different outfits. This is none other than the same girl, Gutsy Dove whom you can call Rain Dove when she is enacting out as a man.

Amazing Model Modeling As Men As Well As Women

From her childhood time, Gutsy was very tall and had hard and thick muscles which were actually not possible for a girl to have. She was born in Vermont. Over the years, society meted her out in whatever way it could. But she survived all those harshness and rude behavior and today she is actually a very successful model. Her height is 6 feet and 2 inches which make her a perfect model. The broad shoulders which she has along with the arms which are totally fleshy and muscular with short hairs and of course the 32 size breast, makes it difficult for the world to accept her as a full woman. It is difficult to digest out that she was born as a girl as she has features matching both man and woman.

How come modeling world accepted her?

When the entire society was making fun of her and mocking her, Gutsy Dove was able to enter modeling. But the journey to the modeling world was not that simple. Here, you will get to know how

Amazing Model Modeling As Men As Well As Women

actually she went into modeling and how the new world welcomed her.

At the times when she was pursuing her degree in genetic engineering, she put a bet on an American football match that was going on at that time. She unluckily lost that bet.

As an outcome, she had to answer a casting call which was being advertised by Calvin Klein. This ad was actually for a men’s undergarment.

She had to forcefully undertake it but this definitely proved out to be a good thing for her.

Three months later, after being impressed by her work, Calvin Klein happily offered Dove a new modeling task. The apparel was for the men but she could not say no to it and happily performed there.

Amazing Model Modeling As Men As Well As Women

Things did not stop over here and later she was found modeling in the New York Fashion Week which was actually her fate changing day. There she walked on ramp both as a man as well as a woman.

After this, she never stopped in her life and has walked till now on thousands of ramps showing her skills. She has participated in major catwalks and has got published her photos in many international magazines as well.


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