Amazing Fish Rain


Amazing Fish Rain

In This video tries to explain unbelievable raining fish which occurred on Thailand leaving residents astonished. Thousands of fish were believed to have fallen from the sky and spread all over the ground across Thailand streets some dead and others alive

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The raining fish in the video is as a result of winds that lift up the fish up in the sky and then due to gravitational force, the fish later drops like rain in certain locations. They spread on the ground some dying while others survive. This type of winds is commonly known as Monsoon winds which mostly occur on Pacific and Indian Ocean. The winds are common in May or June to October season which is a fish season in Khao Sok national park.

The video explains phenomenon with some scientific explanation using tomadic waterspouts that has totally disturbed every creature near the scene of event. These waterspouts are capable of lifting animals especially frogs and fish or objects high in the sky whereby wind carries them to some localized area where they drop like rain on the ground.


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