The Amazing Copycat Lyre Bird

The Lyre Bird is one of the most popular birds in Australia. It is also a bird that is loved by many. As imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, this bird often seems to create lasting impressions through the imitation of different types of sounds such as that of the Kookaburra bird. [mashvideo]

BBC presentator, SIr David Attenborough took a trip to the forest to find out more about this amazing bird species. Its unique identification came from the fact that the reporter recorded the Lyre Bird making different calls and signing all types of songs. The combination of everything that is around it results to complex sounds that you would not hear from all other birds.

According to Sir David Attenborough, the complex sounds results from the Lyre Bird impersonating all of the other birds around it. In efforts to try to out-sing the rest, the bird imitates at least 20 different species. In showcasing its vocal abilities, the Lyre Bird is also heard, making the sound that is hears from a chainsaw and that of a camera shutter. This unusual phenomenon has made the Lyre Bird a specie that is highly sought after.

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