About Rohingya Muslim villages Burned by Burmese Army

About Rohingya Muslim villages ‘burned by Burmese army’

Have you heard about the Rohingya Muslim villages?

It has been believed that numerous activist groups have accused numerous government forces to burn down the Rohingya Muslim villages. An unexpected violence is being seen in the region which has focused thousands and millions of people to evacuate and cross the Bangladeshi border for their safety. Numerous people were cramped in the refugee camps to protect themselves. Numerous different videos have also been posted over the internet by which you can easily have a look at the incidences of burning up of the buildings in the northern part of Rakhine State. 

These activist groups have caused a severe destruction in the entire region by burning the Burmese armies and also by shooting the Rohingya Muslim civilians as the part of a crackdown on the insurgents in Rakhine state.

This dangerous violence has also driven numerous Rohingya Muslims to flee down towards the Bangladesh for their safety. They had to face the growing danger of sickness but still, the Bangladeshi authorities have done a lot of efforts to send them to home. Do you know the exact reason of such dangerous and hazardous violence? This violence was almost damaging and all destroying which has destroyed thousand and millions of lives including their homes and earning as well. One of the researchers in Amnesty International’s Burma named as Laura Haigh has reported about numerous villages to get burnt with a lot of destruction.

Who did the entire investigation?

The Myanmar Authorities had assigned the duty to investigate the criminal attacks and the entire destruction being caused by this violence. They had to refrain from such a destructive violence by ensuring that they are making every possible effort to distinguish between the doubtful persons and the ordinary people. Numerous victims had to force to get tortured, killed and even raped the Rohingya Muslims along with burning down their own villages as well. The insurgents have already launched the coordinated attacks along with the official death of about 96 people but it is just an approximate idea and it is expected to be much higher.

Both the government officials have posted the accompanying video clips of the severe burning of the buildings where the neighborhoods are also getting destructed in the northern Rakhine. It is also believed that the extremist terrorists have also blown out the improvised bombs to set a destructive fire to the villages and they have also attacked the police outposts in the Maungtaw. This entire report has been submitted by an English Language Statement by the Information Ministry.


Also, online news named as Arakan Times has been serving the Rohingya community. The Burmese troops and border guard police also burned down about 1,000 homes in actions beginning from Saturday till even Monday. Claims from both the sides are very difficult to get verified as the government has already denied most of the journalists to get access to the entire areas. The New York-based Human Rights Watch also reported about some satellite photos to be appeared to show the widespread burning of about 10 complete areas of the entire northern Rakhine.

Obviously, the causes of this extreme fire could not have been ascertained yet and the entire detective group has urged the government so as to “grant access to independent monitors to determine the sources of fires and assess allegations of human rights violations.” The media reports have compared these locations which have been destroyed in this destructive fire by showing or representing that the residences have also been deliberately burned badly. Who took the responsibility for controlling such attacks? The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, or ARSA, A Rohingya insurgent group, has taken the entire responsibility to control over such destructive and damaging attacks on about more than 25 locations and here, the Rohingya communities and their defense armies have been brutalized by the government forces but still they continued to defend the communities. 


Around about 1.1 million Muslim Rohingya had to seek treatments and it has become one of the biggest challenges for the national leader, Aung San Suu Kyi who has also been accused by the Western critics. Not only this, but the Rohingya Muslims had to face a severe discrimination as well but still the government refuses to recognize the Rohingya Muslims as a legitimate native ethnic minority and the government has also denied to accept them as the citizens.

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