My Aaddhaar Card My Right To Privacy In India

My Aadhaar Card My Right To Privacy In India

Two years back when I was studying in Masters in Journalism and mass communication. I was having media law as one of the subject. In that various fundamental rights were stated and our teacher used to say that among those rights the important right is right to privacy. It is imperative from examination point of view. Further avowed right to privacy

My Aaddhaar Card My Right To Privacy In India

is an integral part of right to life and personal liberty guaranteed in the article 21 of the Indian constitution. It is an individual’s legal right. Moreover it is a right to be let alone. A citizen has right to safeguard the privacy of his family, home, marriage, procreation, motherhood, child bearing and education. No one has right to publish anything without the consent of a person in India.

Coming to know about this right a big smile came to my face. Internally I was feeling that I have right to privacy and no one can intrude into my life in India. I don’t know why I was feeling like this

Then suddenly my teacher told about aadhar card that is mandatory in India, that how much it is important for us as it tells about the identity of a person. She told that this card is valid for all purpose. If you take aadahar card with you would not be asked for any other identity. Then day after I went to aadhaar card office, to get my Indian aadhaar card there I was asked to give my biometric details .I was thinking why I was asked to give my biometric details If have right to privacy. Were the authorities playing a joke on the right to privacy?

On one hand giving protection to one’s identity and on the other hand compulsory asking for the biometric details in India. This question kept on revolving into my mind. Why this right is available to us if we have to provide our all details? Is my life an open book to all in India?

Then the day comes when Supreme Court of India gave verdict stating “right to privacy is a fundamental right”. Everyone has right to maintain privacy. Now the question triggering my mind is as aadhaar card has all my details so has it defied my right to privacy? Didn’t the authorities know before about this right in India?

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