7 Google AdWords Strategies to Generate More Sales

7 Google AdWords Strategies to Generate More Sales

Many people take the help of Google AdWords to advertise their business. But still many will have the same question, is it effective to advertise with AdWords. So let me tell you yes, it is a big yes. With the help of Google AdWords, you are able to target out people who are in need of the product that you are selling. These people just want to know the place where to buy that product. This is just a very simple and the most important reason why this advertising technique is so common in the marketing world. Your company gets its targeted audience and what else you need. Just with a very little effort being put along with the strategic investment, you can win the market with AdWords. This way your list of customers will ultimately increase and simultaneously your revenues will hike up.

Here we are going to discuss some of the most important Google AdWords strategies that can immensely help in generating more and more sales and improve the conversion rates. Have a look at them below:

Reverse engineer: best purchasing path

In this process, the knowledge is extracted out from the things which are made by man and reproducing some new information out of it. In the beginning, when you get to know some strategy, it is very important to study the complete process. Always remember one thing that the needs of the consumers always changes. A smart advertiser is the one who actually understands what things he is involved in.

The reverse engineer path says: firstly find out the desired results and then accordingly select the keywords and write your ad so that the goal can be achieved.

Clearly, understand the needs of customer

If you are clearly able to analyze the way shopping is done by the customer, it will be highly beneficial for the AdWords campaigns.  A customer buying cycle has a total of five phases wherein each phase; different questions are being asked by the customer. Therefore, every search ad must have some appealing elements through which appeal can be made to him at all the stages.

Clearly understand the needs of customer

In case the customers are unaware of the product, try to create a customer support rather than adding the name of your product in the ad. Otherwise, if they are well aware of the product then its name can be mentioned in the ad title.

Clearly, understand the needs of customer

If you go to the dashboard of Google Analytics, then you can check under the Behavior tab, how the needs of the customer can change when they are visiting the site.

From the above screenshot, it is clearly visible that the new visitors are more in number in comparison to the old visitors. It shows that most of them don’t clearly know about your product and thus you need to tell them.

Try to outsmart the ads of your competitors

The entire industry is full of competitors and campaigning with AdWords is nothing different. Analyze the secrets of your competitors so as to perform better than them. To check out the best performing keywords, you can use the tool called as SpyFu. You just have to go on website of SpyFu and in the search box, enter your competitor’s URL and press ‘search’.

Now, you will be able to see the keyword performance of your competitor along with the estimation of the monthly PPC clicks and many more other things.

To see the keywords, just click on paid keywords so as

 to check out which are the ones generating more clicks for your competitor.

Try to outsmart the ads of your competitors

Optimization for the mobile platforms in the creative manner

These days more and more searches are conducted over mobile only. Therefore, it is necessary to set up Google ads for mobile.

platforms in the creative manner

Mobile device provides a lot of intimacy and therefore it goes very easy to convert the mobile users who click on the ads provided by you whether these ads are over the display networks or the search networks. The AdWords grader plus can be used to analyse the performance of advertising through Google Mobile.

Platforms in the creative manner

Your conversion can be turbocharged with re-marketing

Re-marketing is an effective technique of marketing with the help of which your ad can be shown to the customers and the people who have already visited your website in the past but did not take any further action. Re marketing is a golden opportunity to you to bring back the users to the site and this way it is a chance to increase your PPC. There are many ways to do re targeting.

turbocharged with re-targeting

After you use the technique of re-marketing, an ultimate hike will be seen in your conversion rates.

Try to use in-market segments

Turbocharged with re-marketing

There are 3 focal points that you need to do when you are working with a Google ad campaign. This way you can easily determine the results of conversion according to the query being searched. The three points are called as STP of the entire Google AdWords campaign. These 3 points are:

Market segments




With the help of in-market segments, you can easily target people who are already present in your market. If your campaigns are shown to the in-market audiences, then if no one knows your personal brand then also they can have access to buy those products.

Market Segments

For cheaper Linked-In ads, run ads with Google display networks

Linked in is considered to be one of the largest social network of the world for professional works. It is considered as the king of social network. 90% marketers are using it worldwide to generate the leads.

For cheaper Linked-In ads, run ads with Google display networks

It is not an easy task to acquire leads through Google AdWords PPC. So as to reduce the spending in it, the ads can be run through Google display networks where the main targets are the LinkedIn platforms. This is so because Google display network has LinkedIn as a special part of it.

Therefore, using these hacks you can easily generate more and more sales.

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