6 Most Inspiring Bollywood Celebrity

6 Most Inspiring Bollywood Celebrity

  • Anurag Kashyap

Anurag Kashyap is believed to be the most renowned director and producer. The man has taken a high initiative and has successfully changed the Bollywood trend. The man is considered famous for bringing off-beat movies in the country. He always tries to deliver a social lesson from his movies. Anurag has directed and produced some really inspiring movies like lunchbox, Udaan and many more. Anurag is believed to be the inspiration of débutantes The man is famous for casting the highly professional and talented actors.anurag_kashyap_kalki

  • Irfan Khan:

All the readers would be stunned to know that Irfan started his acting career from zero. He didn’t got the support of any renowned B-world personality. Even he is the first in his family to join Bollywood. However today Irfan is believed to be the best India. The star has proved it to the entire world that being a non-commercial actor can, too, fetch you fame.irfan-khan-big

  • Akshay Kumar:

You would be shocked to know that the man has seen many rough patches in his career, yet Akshay always bounced back much stronger. Akshay’s fans love the fact that he does philanthropic work all the time. The best thing about him is that he always keeps it low profile. Akshay has organized many annual martial arts championship in order to encourage the sport. Akshay has also sponsored many sportsmen till date.akshay-twinkle

  • Anurag Basu:

The renowned director Anurag is a cancer survivor. The man diagnosed the disease on the sets of Tumsa Nahin Dekha.  However the deadly disease didn’t stop him from directing excellent movies. For the direction of Tumsa Nahin Dekha, Anurag gave instructions via Dictaphone and successfully managed to finish on time. Luckily, Anurag has fought the disease and is back in the B-world with his exiting movies.anurag-basu-post_1357805817


  • Raju Hirani:

Initially Raju’s dad had dreamed that his son becomes a successful CA. However, Raju told his father that he would not prefer being a CA, Raju always wanted to be a leading film maker. After long arguments his dad finally agreed. Further Raju started assisting his father at his shop; After a long struggle Hirani finally did an editing course at the Film and Television Institute Of India. Firstly he started an ad agency. The readers would be amazed to know that Raju landed his first editing assignment with Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Since then the successful director is leading on his way to rock the film industry.Rajkumar Hirani_0_0_0_0_0

  • Sunny Leone:

The readers may get confused about thinking how Leone inspires us? Leone is known as one of the most courageous girl in the Bollywood as she has proudly accepted being a porn star. It is never easy for any women to move over her character in order to encourage her professional life. However, Leone did it and achieved a great fame in the Bollywood industry.


The lady has never given us any sob story for achieving fake sympathy or fame. She accepts the entire controversial task that she does. You must be stunned to notice that Leone is someone who is proud of being what she is. Meida24by7 salutes the lady for her excellent courage!

These were some cool inspirational stories of your favorite celebs. For more details about bBollywood stay tuned with Media24by7.

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