15 Actors Who Have Actually Done It On Screen

15 Actors Who Have Actually Done It On Screen!!!!

Actors Who Have Actually Done It On Screen

We are all aware that there are several famous people who have actually done it on the screen. Though some may deny it, the fact remains that the video clips cannot be lying. Be the judge for yourself.

ROBERT PATTINSON Before becoming famous as a Twilight Star, he was very infamous for his SCENE which occurred in the 2008 movie, Little AshesWhen some of his critics commented about it, he admitted to have handled the business on the camera since faking it does not really come out well.

NOTORIOUS B.I.G  If you are a fan of B.I.G you must have the sound of “toppy fluffy” sounds on his song ready to die. In fact Diddy admitted that it was a realistic sound of what exactly you were thinking of. No one had had the guts to confront B.IG but I think he would have had no problem with the question.

D’ANGELO  When she released his video of how does it feel, everybody was asking the question, was there someone down there. Actually, she added more fire to this rumor in an interview with a 2000 interview with Quest love. When she was asked whether she was getting head in the video? She just laughed it off and responded by saying that he was not going to answer the question and we speculate that if she actually done it on screen.

CHLOË SEVIGNY  She constantly claims that there is no need to worry about her. In fact, this actor has admitted that she gaven oral pleasure to Vincent Gallo who was her co cast in the movie The Brown Bunny which was released in 2003.

ANNA PAQUIN AND STEPHEN MOYER  When one of the episodes of True Blood came to an end with a intimate scene, the act was very realistic that they still are convinced that these two actors were doing it for real when they were playing as characters bill and sookie and we thought they have actually done it on screen.

MELVIN VAN PEEBLES For a very longtime, rumors have been spreading that he actually did it in the 1971 movie Sweet Sweetback’s Badasssss Song. However, it was after almost 2 decades that he admitted to have done the act. He also claims to have got an STD and the company actually compensated him.

SIENNA MILLER AND HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN The movie Factory Girl was popular and famous for its realistic scenes because these two actors were actually doing it. However miller quickly refuted the claims but the fact remains that they had it.

KIERAN O’BRIEN AND MARGO STILLEY  If it were you would you admit to have done it after the act ended up in nerves list of the 50 Worst Scenes of All Time? The two denied but the acts were too real to be a lie when they were shooting the 2004 movie Nine Songs

MARILYN MANSON AND EVAN RACHEL WOOD  If you have seen the music video of Heart-Shaped Glasses you will agree with me that the acts in the video were real. Marilyn has not claimed these rumours to be a lie. So you can give yourself a definite answer to that. They just said that they would not confirm or deny it

HALLE BERRY AND BILLY BOB THORNTON Whatever made this Oscar winning scene on Monster’s Ball unrestrained and awkward was that some fans claimed that there had been real action between these two actors and they have actually done it on screen.

ERIC BALFOUR AND LAUREN LEE SMITH  Do you remember Lee Smith and Lauren from The L Word? Long before she was even hitting with ladies on small screens, she already had done it with Eric Balfour while acting in the movie Lie With Me. When the fans claimed that the acts were realist, everyone was in agreement if they actually done it on screen.


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