13 Steps To Become A Professional Cricket Player

13 Steps To Become A Professional Cricket Player

In a country where cricket is worshipped, you have made a mind setup to be a pro-cricketer. It is a good thing, but as you know that to know about something does not makes you a professional in it. It takes a lot hard work, determination and luck to be a professional cricket. Here we will try to be a guide in your dream:

The road to be a professional cricketer is very long and very tough, if you have that real passion, real zeal, and a strong will power, then no one can stop you to reach that spot.

First, you have to be honest to yourself. A few things you should ask yourself: Do you really have that potential in yourself? Or just want to be famous and want to come on TV, because in that case it would be just wastage of money.

There are no shortcuts for success, likewise in this field also there are no shortcuts. But by continuous concentration and by having a focused dream, you can achieve your goal. Although your dream is to become a professional cricket player but you have to set up certain goals to achieve it.

Here are some important points, one has to keep in his mind to become a professional cricketer:

  1. Practice Every Time: As it is a famous saying that “Practice makes a man Perfect”, this thing applies here also, to be a professional cricketer you have to practice a lot. The earlier you start, more time you get to do practice. There is no substitute of it.
  2. Be Pushy: One should not lose his focus, life is full of difficulties, one should not lose hope in bad time and should not be over excited in good time. If you fail at some point, don’t cry, just stand and find the reason of your failure and try to remove that in your next attempt.
  3. Be Punctual: To achieve something in life, along with determination, one needs punctuality. You should make a point to not to miss any of the morning or evening cricket coaching classes.
  4. Find a Mentor: After having aim, after achieving punctuality, the most basic and foremost thing is to get yourself a right mentor, who can stand by your side, when you are in need.

Pathway to reach on Top:

  1. For every success, you need to have right tools, likewise in Cricket buy a professional kit.
  2. Find a good local club where you can practice on daily basis.
  3. Watch every cricket match (if possible), as a lot of new cricketing shots are discovered on daily basis.
  4. If you are a batsman then spend a lot of time in perfecting your shots and for bowlers practice a lot to make your bowl hit the mark.
  5. Find a good local team, with which you can practice on daily basis.
  6. Represent your school/club tram.
  7. Try to take part and actively perform in tournaments, so that selectors can see your passion.
  8. Once selectors (or appropriate audience) have seen your performance and if they like your performance they will definitely suggest your name for any of the IPL team, or even for the country team.
  9. Once you are selected in any of the team, make a point to perform well in almost each and every game as this is the world of cut-throat competition.

So we think that these tips will really help to achieve you goal in your life. We really wish a best of luck in your journey and would like to guide you with any other doubt/problem you are facing to achieve your goal. Just let us know.

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  1. Hello Sir,
    I started playing cricket because I have a dream to become popular in this world . But because my interest is in cricket, I did not get a better option to convert my dream into reality and I joined a cricket academy about 7 to 8 months ago, but as you mentioned above in your post that doing so would only be the wastage of money. So, should I spend my time in playing cricket or not?

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