13 Reasons Why: Know why it is no. 1 best seller as per USA Today

13 Reasons Why – Know why it is no. 1 best seller as per USA Today:

13 Reasons Why - Know why it is no. 1 best seller as per USA Today

13 Reasons Why: Know why it is no. 1 best seller as per USA Today

The Journey for Netflix’ top show “13 Reasons Why” which is inspired by a novel hasn’t been a smooth one. After its release in the year 2007, it went unnoticed until the year 2009 when it managed to make it to USA Today’s Bestsellers list of top 150. The rank, however, was 149. After ten years, the show made it to top 50’s list ranking no. 48. This happened on the 30th of Mar’17. Soon it caught everyone’s attention and then rose to top 12 last week, eventually making it to the top this week.

The reason for its popularity over the decade is the target audience and that’s adult. The novel is a meticulous narrative of what happens in a man’s life. During this gap of 10 years, the novel has been selling like hot cake with over 3 million copies. Many people claim it to be a true story.

The Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why opens with Clay Jenson reaching home to find a packet containing recorded cassettes by his friend Hannah Baker. In the cassettes, she has revealed the 13 reasons why she ended her life. Clay is one of the reasons of the 13.

In the series, he is going to discover the reason why he is one of them. This intrigues sensation and curiosity among the viewers and no doubt it creates more popularity with every episode. The first kiss of Hannah with Justin Foley is sweet and sensuous. Romance is in the air in this Netflix series and you can’t get enough of it. After Hannah’s death, in “13 Reasons Why”, Justin Foley becomes an integral character.

The original series of Netflix (The TV version, Does not Spell out Thirteen, 13 Reasons Why) streamed on the 31st of Mar. Of all the popular names when we talk about 13 Reasons Why cast, Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford are talked about the more. To top it up, Selena Gomez is the executive producer. Everyone definitely wants to know this side of the pretty actress and singer.

With all the species from Netflix streaming to popular stars, novel adaptation, and Selena Gomez’s inclusion, the series was definitely to see the top position that USA Today has proudly ranked it.

Let us not forget the “the night we meet” song by Lord Huron that is making a sensation apart from the 13 Reasons Why episode 5 and 13 Reasons Why episode 10. These two episodes have been most hyped for the thrill and sensation.

The most popular cast of “13 Reasons Why”, Jeff is loved for each of his performances. His cuteness and his mentoring on Life to Clay are worth watching in every episode. In this series “13 Reasons Why”, Alex and his life are shown a mystery.

With Jeff or Brandon Larracuente and Alex, “13 Reasons Why” steal the show with their presence being admired by all. If we exclude Tony, “13 Reasons Why” might lose its significance as the story revolves around Clay being helped by him to solve the mystery behind Hannah’s death.

Tony Padilla in “13 Reasons Why” and Christian Navarro in real life has an important role to play in the series. Among the others are Zach Dempsey whose real name is Ross Butler, Traylor Howard and Kelko Agena.

Music is one of the highlights among all other highlights like cast and story. Ja Rule is one of the voices that is heard.

Source: USAtoday.com

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