12 Important Facts you must know about Dr. Manmohan Singh

12 Important Facts you must know about Dr. Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh, when we listen about this name, a silent and calm personality comes in our mind, who is Ex-Prime Minister of India. They never spoke or talk too much. But why? People are also searching and thinking that he is on the powerful position but they never speak too much or shows aggressive behavior. Well here we state some important fact about Mr. Manmohan Singh, let us see;

  1. Silent and Clam Personality Prime Minister: he has a calm and silent personality. They always avoid more talks or debates on any topic; hence we can say that Manmohan Singh is a Clam and Peaceful Personality in all Indian Prime Minister.
  2. Not able to read the Hindi Language: you know our Ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would not be able to read Hindi Properly they convert their all speeches in Urdu from Hindi. We think you might be not aware of this fact of Manmohan Singh.
  3. Love Samosa and Kachori: the wife of Manmohan Singh tells in an Interview that he loved to Eat Samosa and Kachori. This means, our Ex-Prime Minster Love to eat Spicy and Oily Food.
  4. A large number of Friends; If you think Manmohan Singh touches only with political leader then you might be wrong because he always touched with their old and non-political party friends and spent time with them.
  5. Most Qualified PM in the World: Did you know Manmohan Singh is the Most Qualified PM in the World. Well, this is right and prestigious fact for us.
  6. Always Obeyed Congress Leader Sonia Gandhi: Well Manmohan Singh Takes all decision related to a country with the advice of their party leader Sonia Gandhi. This is a big fact about Manmohan Singh.
  7. First Non-Political Individual Become Prime Minister: Well, he is first Non-Political Individual who had qualified the election of Prime Minister and get maximum Number of votes from their party to become Prime Minister.
  8. Sonia Gandhi most Trusted Persona: Manmohan Singh is closest and Trusted Person for Sonia Gandhi and this will be valid proof because they serve as PM for 10 years.
  9. Maximum Number of Awards: He gets a maximum number of awards and achievements in their whole career political and non-political as a comparison other Prime Minister of India. We can say that he is an intelligent and qualified person as other PM.
  10. Works with United Nations: United Nations is a top body in the world and we know the importance of United Nation. You might know that our Ex-PM Works in United Nations and he Serves a long Period with this Statutory body.
  11. Follow or Read BBC and The Hindu every Morning: Manmohan Singh has the habit of listening BBC daily in the morning and reading the newspaper The Hindu. He has a great interest in all Political and World Issues.

Honorary Professor at JNU:  Mr. Manmohan Singh also serves as an honorary professor in JNU, Delhi. Hence these are 12 facts about our Ex-Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh.

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