10 Biggest Vehicles in the world

10 Biggest Vehicles in the world :

“Bigger is better” is the phrase that humans used it in the construction of the biggest monsters to run on the road or to move across the seas. These are the mean machines which were so huge that it looked like a moving mountain and everybody had to clear the space to let them pass by. It is the superiority and intelligence of the humans that they used in the construction and achieved the great success in making them mobile.

List of Biggest vehicles ever

1. The Caterpillar 797

The hungry caterpillar 797, which is also known as mining mayhem and the largest industrial truck ever existed around the world. The measurement of the monster is 50 feet in length, 31 feet wide and 51 feet tall which can carry the payload of 400 tonnes. To reach on the driver’s seat, it takes like walking 4 story stairs and makes the person maintain the healthy routine.

2. The Dodge Power Wagon

The Dodge Power Wagon is same as the 1950’s dodge truck but considered to be steroids and proteins which are 6 0r 7 times bigger than the normal truck. It holds the record of biggest pick-up truck ever constructed and looks like a mobile home. It has everything with moving 4 bedrooms, air conditioners, bathroom, living room and a terrace with the perfect sunset view.

3. The NASA Crawler 

NASA is the known institution for the programs conducted on the moon and in the space for many years and was responsible for constructing rovers and space shuttles. The NASA Crawler is the land machine which is used to transport the shuttles and rovers. It has 16 diesel engines with 2,750 horse power but the speed of the monster is 2 miles per hour and which gets reduced to 1mph when fully loaded.

4. LeTourneau TC-497 Overland Train

This monster was constructed at the time when the world was at war and to keep the options open to transfer the massive amount of goods through road if the train tracks are nuked. The land train featured 54 wheel drives and was 570 feet long. With the use of 1950’s technology, the land train was not fully commissioned due to the use of helicopters.

5. The Big Muskie

The gigantic glory is categorised as one of the largest single bucket digging machine ever made in the history. It was built for Ohio Coal Company which weight 13 thousand tonnes with the dimensions of the mountain. It was 151 feet wide, 222 feet tall and 487 feet long with a record to swallow 295 tonnes in just one dig.

6. A Whole Lotta Limo

Limo is considered to be one of the luxurious cars to run on the road and to make one of the biggest, was a challenge. The biggest limo was 100 foot long with all the luxury to be expected with a helipad on the top. With 26 wheels on the road, it was equipped with a heated Jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a king sized bed and a sun deck.

7. Get to the Choppa 

In 1950, Russians were known for the vodka and big machines. No wonder, they have constructed the biggest helicopter in the history MIL V-12 with twin rotors which holds the world record to carry the largest payload at the highest altitude. The prototype of the helicopter still exists and displayed for the public.

8. Ahoy Mateys

Barzan, the sea monster which was constructed by United Arab Shipping Company in 2015 measures 1300 feet in length and can carry a cargo of 200 thousand pounds. It swims at the speed of 26 mph and can carry a crew of 35 people.

9. Attack! Attack!

The ancient Helepolis has been listed and the Greek translation for this mobile siege tower is “The Taker of Cities”. It was 160 tonnes in weight and 130 feet tall which took 3400 men to operate the machine. The tower was covered in iron plates and could move in all directions due to the wheels being set on casters.

10. May the force be with you

 It is fictional but considered to be the biggest ship ever constructed and the personal touring vessel of the evil lord Darth Vader. The ship was measured to be 19 thousand meters in length and can carry 5000 cannons. It has 300 smaller combat ships with enough supplies for 3000 imperial loyalties.


Source: Talltanic

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