Meet Yulia Viktorovna Vins aka Julia Vins the Barbie with Muscles

Meet Yulia Viktorovna Vins aka Julia Vins the Barbie with Muscles

Julia Vins went viral on the internet after posting a series of photos which showed her doll-like face and her very impressive physical appearance. Her arms and leg muscles are astonishing to most men as it is not usually seen in girls. More ironically is her Barbie-doll or anime-girl look which is associated to less muscular physical appearance by many people.

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According to her she started working out so as to gain self-confidence, self-esteem and be strong to face her fears. She did not have any motives of becoming a profession in the powerlifting and weightlifting sport. Along with this came criticism as it is in the social media world but she insists this hasn’t deprived her ambition of continuing with powerlifting of posting pictures of herself. She sees this as no adequate reason to continuously attacking her with harsh comments. As a matter of fact they are only making her more famous and spreading the message that she exists and is ready to take up any challenge that goes out to test her self-proclaimed confidence.

Yuri is preparing for her first official powerlifting competition in September where she will face other professionals in the sport, it is her aim to beat them to the title. She has been preparing for quite a while now and she believes she is ready for the challenge to prove she is worth what she claims to be.

Many are trying to defame her and posting negative reviews about her physique based on religion difference. Others due to jealousy of the fame while others mainly men who have envy of her curvy body which is as a result of shame they themselves do not have such a body. Indeed there are people who support and respect her choice, perhaps fellow young ladies who believe the girl child also has and can do what most people view as to be meant for and can only be done by the boy child.

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