YF-23 Black Widow, One Of The World Most Expensive Aircrafts, With Stealthy Feature

YF-23 Black Widow, One Of The World Most Expensive Aircrafts, With Stealthy Feature

YF-23 Black Widow, One Of The World Most Expensive Aircrafts, With Stealthy Feature

It was the fastest, stealthiest and most defense tactical air fighter of the world. The YF-23 was built in complete secrecy by engineers who worked 14 hours per day, in order to compete it as soon as possible.

They had to combine super cruise and maneuverability in the best way possible as to complete this interesting project.Because of its amazing stealth capabilities, Northrup named it YF-23 Black Widow.

Design & Performance

The Northrop ‘Black Widow’ YF-23 was an American single-seat fighter jet, that was designed for the United States Air Force (USAF).

It’s design was actually the final of a competition with the Lockheed YF-22. The new invisible aircraft was built in such a way that could attack any kind of enemy faster than any other aircraft. It was in fore front of stealth plane technology.

More specifically, it was 67 foot long, with a thin profile, in order to reduce drag at supersonic speeds. It was powered by two turbo fan engines, that were mounted and the air ducts being rounded instead of more angular.

It featured two diamond shaped wings and had a V shaped tail. The overall design of the YF-23 reflects the immense skill of the Northrup and McDonnell Douglas designing teams.

Unlike the Raptor’s exhaust nozzles, the YF-23 actually used fixed nozzles, in order to hide the plane’s IR signature from possible ground based air defense systems.

The cockpit was placed high, near the nose of the aircraft, in order to help the pilots and jet fighters have a better visibility in the horizon.

In addition, the aircraft was also equipped with a nose landing gear leg.

Striking aircraft

According to its manufacturers, although the YF -22 was a more maneuverable aircraft, this new jet had a better cruise supersonic capability.

While the new YF-23 had a larger payload and nearly double the range and definitely it was faster. It could take off the ground very easily and smoothly.

In fact its nose came up very smoothly and it could push on the runway in just a few seconds and began climbing up the sky very rapidly.

It’s actually the most striking jet in appearance and performance that were ever built and one of the most expensive aircrafts in the world.

Source: LA MAGRA

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