World Most Amazing and Scariest Airplane Landing at Airport

World Most Amazing and Scariest Airplane Landing at Airport

An airplane flight includes several parts, which are take-off, taxi, climb, descent, cruise and finally landing. Landing being the scariest part of the air travel to both passengers and pilots, in fact, some people define airplane landing as a controlled crash. This because the pilot is trying to get the airplane stabilize on the ground while it is at a relatively high speed. It is also referred to as touching down, or splashdown. Landing is achieved by reducing the airplane speed and the rate of descent to allow a gentle touchdown on the runway. Having that in mind, let us now look at the most amazing, worst and scariest airplane landing.

While landing the pilot has the big task to do, for a gentle touchdown, he must maintain the airplane’s balance and straight to the runway, especially if the plane is loaded, during the night or the weather is poor. Usually, the plane should touch down with the rear wheels first then the front ones comes later. The big task here is to make sure the rear wheels touches down evenly and at the same time. The airplane leaning on one side during landing is common of which is wrong.

An airplane having a mechanical problem is what mostly contributes to a scary landing and requires a professional pilot. When an airplane encounters any mechanical problem during its travel, it calls for an emergency landing at the nearest available airport. The airport usually has very little time to prepare for it. Once the pilot has made this landing in a way that nobody expected, it becomes an amazing landing and hits the news headlines. Many pilots have been appreciated for playing smart during these emergency landing.

At times landing becomes much difficult and the pilot is forced to abort the landing and takes off to attempt another landing. This happens when the airplane goes out of control. Weather is another aspect that affects airplane landing, statistics shows that most of the horrible touchdowns are contributed by the mechanical breakdown and poor weather conditions.

Traveling by air is by far the safest mode of transport though it will make you nervous. Landing being the craziest part in a flight, precautions should be made to keep the safety of passengers the first priority. Safety includes proper buckling up before landing, making sure the runway well painted with the proper indicators. The airplane should also be well lit and serviced. Lastly, the pilot should be well skilled and experienced to carry out a gentle touchdown.


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