William Hitler fought the Nazis in World War II

Did you know that the nephew of Hitler, William Hitler fought the Nazis in World War II ?

There is a conspiracy theory that Hitler survived World War II, lived his entire old age life in Argentina or Brazil. To believe this fact there are some substantial evidence and not to he was dead during the war.

There is another theory that Hitler moved to New York City, Joined the US military, also got married with kids and died in the late 1980s. His grave is at the Holy Sepulcher cemetery in Coram, New York and this is not a theory but truth.

World War II

World War II

William “Willy” Patrick Hitler was a British who was born on March 12, 1911, to Alois Hitler Jr. (Adolf Hitler half-brother) and his wife – Bridget Dowling. Adolf Hitler was famous in Germany for so many reasons but Willy was born in Liverpool, England.

World War II

World War II

Alois who used to live in Dublin, Ireland in 1909 met Bridget and got married in London and settled in Liverpool in 1911. To be specific and more information by Bridget they moved to 102, Upper Stanhope in November 1912 to April 1913. The house is gone now but the future German chancellor chooses that house not because he was broke or Adolf was trying to avoid conscription in Austria according to Bridget.

World War II

World War II

The 1911 census also informed that Alois also worked as the chef waiter in the “Lyons Cafe” which is owned by a Jew. 1914 was the year when Alois abandoned his family, returned to Europe and remarried. After abandoning his family in London, Alois was arrested by Germany authorities for getting married again without a divorce but eventually bailed by her ex-wife which was not on papers, as she stated that she didn’t want him, anyway.

World War II

World War II

From 1929 to 1931, Willy visited Germany man times to Germany to meet his father and also reconnected with Adolf Hitler but there is no subsequent proof of that meeting. 1931 was the time when Adolf got the real power in Germany and Willy wrote about this and even submitted the stories to the British press.

This was the year when the things getting worse between Alois and Adolf. With the published stories, Adolf was not happy and ask his brother to come back to berlin and ordered him to stop. Willy didn’t agree with the terms and returned home.

World War II

World War II

The articles which were published in Britain press got some fame for Willy but those articles turned against him when Adolf Hitler started ruling countries around the world. Due to his influence, Willy was fired from his job and nobody was ready to hire him. It lasted for so many months and Willy decided to go back to Germany and asked his uncle for help and to find a new one for him. Adolf was against it and what his uncle decided to help Willy, according to Adolf, he didn’t become Germany’s chancellor to benefit his family and he will allow nobody to climb his back.

World War II

World War II

Germany and Britain were against each other as tensions started to climb against the great powers of the world. This was the time when Willy was offered a high-ranking job by his uncle Adolf but he refused it and adopted to be a British citizenship as he even thought of changing his surname.

Adolf was against everything and his response was to denounce his family tie. Alois while being in Britain understood everything and ordered his son to return to Britain for his own safety. 1933 was the time when Anglo-Germanic relations were getting worse and Willy was the only one with the changing situations as he refused to change his surname. It was the same year when his uncle called him to Germany and to do a bank job.

He had done the same job for another 2 years but he was fired because he tried to send the money to his mother but he was not allowed to, as it was the rule which was against to take out the money from Germany to any other country. The necessity of the money increased and he was fired following the same year for stealing cars as he needs to transfer the money and he also quit the same job because of the low wages.

July 4th, 1939 edition of Look magazine, Willy published an article entitled “Why I Hate My Uncle” which claimed that every job or every step he takes in life is watched by someone who is overtaking the world and who is happy with the failure of his life. In 1936, Willy returned to London and tried to find any suitable job but was not able to because of the surname. He even tried to join the armed forces but they refused to take him on.

William Randolph Hearst, the American newspaper publisher invited Willy and his mother to do a speaking tour throughout America and the couple arrived in February 1939. This was the same time when the war was started and unlike his brother, Willy tried to join to join the US military.

Deputy Fuhrer was the recruiting officer who met Willy and this situation didn’t matter as the US was determined not to get involved in Europe’s mess. This was the changing point in the world war, as Japanese bombed Pearl harbor in December 1941, which forced America to get involved in the war.

This was the same year when Willy wrote a letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who personally looked into the situation and allowed John Edgar Hoover, the FBI director, who cleared the details and allowed him to join the US forces. On March 6, 1944, Hitler joined the US Navy as a Pharmacist’s mate and three years later he was discharged with Purple Heart.

The time he was retired from the Navy services, the world came to now about the situation of the world and how Hitler was involved in the world war. The circumstances forced Willy to change his surname to Stuart-Houston. He was married with four sons and was moved to Long Island New York and was handling a small business and finally died on July 14th, 1987.

Willy’s son decided not to get married and have a generation which carries the bloodline of Hitler and in 2014, Willy’s dairy was discovered and made all the things authentic and to be a part of Hitler’s blood.

Source: warhistoryonline.com

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