Watch video fight between lion vs rhino caught on camera live

Watch video fight between lion vs rhino caught on camera live

Watch live lion vs rhino real fight in the wildlife action of African safari can be seen bitter part of wildlife during the animal fight .Visiting somewhere during the African safari tours can be your one of the most amazing experience by watching animal bites and making animal planet videos could be another reason to come again and again here in the African safari .During your visit to the different and deeper part of widely open forest that has a complete life cycle living and surviving with the enemies .

In a particular video featuring lion’s pride vs. a one Rhino , both side are seriously dangerous for the offensive actions. Rhino is alone creates enough fear within the lions and lions are in a whole pride tried to push down the Rhino .Each and every animal is not safe in the forest and each has to fight to live few more hour .

There is a group of cruel hunters always seek chance to satisfy hunger by hunting other animals. Few animal are capable saving themselves like rhino is and many are not , but there are fighting and chasing alays continues in the  wildlife of African Safari .

This is a real between the rhino and lions. Lions are in their way on search of food where they meet with a rhino. Both of the animals fear each other. Lions are hungry where they want to make rhino their feast. Rhino is much stronger than all these lions. Lions are small which makes it possible to hind.The fight of lions versus rhino is endless as lions have special tactics when attacking.

Lions are trying to trap the rhino inside the water pod and in muddy region. They are successive but rhino is stronger where it exits itself. Despite the numbers of lion attacking the rhino, they did not succeed.The lions versus rhino fight depend on each animal’s tactic to attack. Lions are trying to win the rhino by getting it into water pod. The rhino is strong and is able to take it out of the pond.

Animal fights for various reason :Animal like human beings some times engage in fights for various reason . It is a common scence in all game park s, game reserves and even in our homes . To appreciate this one needs to have the best video camera for wildlife . Here are a few reason why  you will often see a beast fight .

Competition for food : The animal planet consists of very many species that share a common life style and hence complete few resources to sustain their living.

For Mates :From most of wildlife videos in YouTube , majorly obtained from African wildlife videos , male species have been shown to fight each others for a female mate .

For Security : Wildlife animal videos portray hyenas as greedy animal which feast on all kinds of flesh . Other animal have to fight the hyena to defend their young ones .

Dominance : Some species , such as elephant never fight to keep lab on territories but they fight to keep a clear hierarchy . The senior male always wants to dominate the herd .


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