Watch the Video of a Three Years Old Boy Showing His Classical Batting Skills

Watch the Video of a Three Years Old Boy Showing His Classical Batting Skills

The popularity of cricket in India and the world, in general, makes this YouTube video a must-watch. Cricket is a fascinating game and requires a lot of skill to master. It is rated the second most popular sport in the world with more than 120 million players. However, good batting is what makes a professional cricketer and attending a cricket school is a must. The boy in the video will amaze you in the kind of skill he has been able to internalize within just three years of age.

Some of the best cricket coaching tips teach how to make the highest number of runs. In the video, the three-year-old boy does not miss hitting the ball throughout the session. Also, he displays the most crucial skill in cricket related to posture. One needs to create enough ‘clearing space’ while batting. Plenty clearing space allows you to swing the bat far enough and also to lower your body as you do so. The result of this combination makes for a ball rise that is high enough above the ground and propel the ball farthest.

One more thing to learn from the three years old boy showing his classical batting skills is the focus. Watching the ball with intense focus allows the hands to swing the bat automatically in the required direction. The boy in the video might, of course, have gone to the training school so early that his skills have become amazing at focusing on the ball. However, this should not deter you at all. And while Indian cricket has not produced the best bats man yet, you just might be that person. If you have a talent, take a bowling class, or a cricket class and with enough discipline, you will be a professional cricketer in no time.

Almost at the end of the video, the boy displays a lot of interest in batting. In fact, his broad smile and continued focus on the ball demonstrates this. From watching the video, you can tell that the boy can easily make six runs if he had enough energy to propel the ball far enough. In summary, the best way to master cricket is to create enough clearing space, focus on the ball, and to enjoy the sport. Always remember that you are among the 120 million people who love and play cricket.


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