Watch Jet blast and low Landings at Airport

Watch Jet blast and low Landings at Airport

The Skiathos Island National Airport is one of the most breath-taking airports in the world and is often compared to St. Marten Airport, which was once voted the best airport approach in the world. Here you can view jest planes landing at extremely low heights, and you’ll find many people with their cameras trying to capture that spectacular moment. However, standing so close behind a huge plane as it prepares to take off is hazardous due to the jet blast emitted by the engines. There’s even a warning sign telling people to keep clear of the Jet blast and low Landings.

It’s an amazing sight to watch these huge planes landing at the airport but then you have to be careful because the jet engine’s powerful blast sends strong gusts of wind towards you coupled with a dust cloud. But this doesn’t put off plane enthusiasts who gather at the edge of the airport to watch the airplanes coming in low over their heads and touching down on the runway. The low approach, low landings and extreme jet blast are a huge attraction for locals and visitors alike, and they gather near the airport every day to watch planes landing and taking off.

However, it’s never a good idea to stand in the way of a passenger plane’s powerful blast because you’ll be forced to run for cover. There are many videos on the internet showing people running for cover as a passenger plane is taking off. Some people have literally been swept off their feet by the powerful blast from a passenger jet engine, which will pelt you with sand, rocks and debris as it whips up a sandstorm when preparing to take off.

One hapless driver parked a hired car near the runway and didn’t lower the rear hatch. After the powerful jet blast, the car’s rear hatch was swept over its roof and had its window smashed to pieces. Another car had its car boot smashed during takeoff. These are just a few of the mishaps that can happen when you get too close for comfort when a passenger plane is taking off a few meters from you. Even though there are signs everywhere warning people to keep off, you’ll still find adrenaline-seekers pushing their luck. That’s because it’s thrilling for some people to stand dangerously close to a passenger plane as it prepares to take off, and feel it powerful blast whipping through your hair and clothes.

Plane spotters can be found at Skiathos Island National Airport taking photos and videos of the passenger planes as they take off and perfom Low landings. The blast from the jet engine whips up sandstorms that force them to run for cover but they keep coming back for more. Tourists flock to the beach near the runway to feel the hurricane level force of a Boeing passenger jet blast, which can flatten a building structure or shatter windows. You can say that these people are not as crazy as some might think but that they are simply “blown away” by the experience, pun intended.


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