Our Unhealthy Obsession with Starships: A Helpful Sizing Comparison

Our Unhealthy Obsession with Starships: A Helpful Sizing Comparison

Our Unhealthy Obsession with Starships A Helpful Sizing Comparison

A starship is a large spaceship that is used for interstellar travel and is often used in science fiction stories. It is a theoretical idea but one that fans have grown to cherish and love. We know that nerd-culture is a big deal these days and most of us are open about our little obsessions because we realize that everyone has them. Become engrossed and lost in a story is something that can take away our sadness and make us feel connected to something.

Starships may be something that has never truly been crafted, but they feel extremely real to the fans and hobbyists who enjoy them. The idea behind them is that they are propelled by something like warp-drive that pushes them to move faster than light.

There are different types of starships in literature and television that utilize various methods to get their travelers to the destination in time. There are ships like the “Sleeper” which puts passengers into suspended animation through cryogenics in order to get them to their destination many years later, but still the same physical age as they were when they began.

Or other methods that somehow move faster than the speed of light. It is truly an amazing thing to imagine a ship that can transport beings through the solar systems and allow them to travel to infinite places. Through science fiction we have been allowed the opportunity to let our imaginations soar, looking at all of the different ships they have created.

There is a shocking amount of starship themes and creations which are often very challenging to compare. The sizes can range from very large, to rather small and their look depends entirely on the fictional creator.

When looking at the Star Wars series there are many options, such as the memorable Tie Fighter. This is known very well through the Star Wars community and is a small uniquely shaped ship of only 6 m, compared to a human which is 1.80 m.

Our Unhealthy Obsession with Starships A Helpful Sizing Comparison

This compared to the X-Wing which is 12 m with a much different shape and style to it.

Our Unhealthy Obsession with Starships A Helpful Sizing Comparison

Next is the Millennium Falcon, Han Solos iconic starship sizing in at 34 m. The Droid Control ship comes in at a whopping 3170 m, much larger than the Falcon. But the Death Star is a rather shocking 900 km. With a great visual in mind, it is nice to get an idea of the size differences with these amazing ships and how they are created.

Star Trek is one of the most popular science fiction stories, with such a large following. Their ships are well-known and much of the setting has you inside on of them during viewing. The Enterprise NCC 1701 sizes in at 289 m, which is actually pretty large.

Our Unhealthy Obsession with Starships A Helpful Sizing Comparison

The Enterprise NCC 1701- D is 642 m, which is even more impressive in size. The Romulan Star Empire, however, is actually 1341 m, this offers quite a size comparison and is rather shocking.

With many games like Halo also having some incredibly impressive Starships, it can be challenging to gain perspective. Halo actually has some of the most massive ships and in comparison to other science fiction story lines, they blow the competition out of the water. The Ark sizes in at 127530 km, along with various ships that are actually quite large.

Grasping a handle on just how much the sizes vary can be very helpful in getting a better idea of what these ships would actually look like. With an impressive cruiser able to glide across space, we are transported to a completely different reality.

There are some extremely accurate and large charts and lists that will show in detail the different styles and sizes of these ships. It is a fun experience to take a closer look at these massive ships.

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