Two Lion Cubs Mercilessly Attack Defenseless Woman

Two Lion Cubs Mercilessly Attack Defenseless Woman

Unlike most wildlife videos where lions are depicted as vicious and ruthless killers, this video shows that lions too have a gentler side. When lions grow up in an enclosure, they do not have the aggressive wild side that is common in lions that are born in the wild. Lions need to be cared for, especially now that poachers get any lion killed just for their skins.When you look up lion mauls woman on wildlife videos YouTube, you expect to find a woman that is terribly injured in a lion attack.

Lions Leave Woman Gushing Blood

Much like a lion trainer, the woman enjoys the company of two young cubs that are very playful and energetic. They jump on her and try to cuddle up as the woman chuckles herself silly. The person who is taking this video gives a comic commentary about how the two cubs are attacking the woman to death, but it is clear that she is having a lot of fun playing with the lions. The woman steps into the enclosure as a volunteer, not as a participant for a lion trainer video. She clearly has a bond with the two young lions that seem to be familiar with her. The Lions are just among the numerous cubs that call this South African Lion Park home.

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