Two Large Shark’s Starts A Fight, Right Beneath A Boat

We all hear and see on movies how shark’s attack humans, but apparently, there are even more dangerous to their own species more that they are to us

Two Large Shark's Starts A Fight

Just a few days ago, fishermen witnessed an enormous tiger shark on a fight with a hammerhead shark. Ryan Willsea, who managed to take a film the sight off the coast of Venice, Louisiana posted it on Instagram and YouTube, and now it has gone viral with more than a million views and thousands of shares as we speak. Walls and his counterpart Ryan encountered the fight while hunting for Tuna on Pelagic tour.

The video shows a tiger shark fight a 7-9 foot daredevil hammerhead shark. As the GoPro camera moved into water, you can see the tiger shark clearly latching onto the middle part of the hammerhead. It was unclear from the video whether the 1000 pounds Tiger struck a killing blow but if it didn’t, the Hammerhead seems to have won.

“This is not something you see every day; seeing a hammerhead wriggling from a tiger’s grip.” Walls says on one of his social media pages. In fact, it’s very uncommon to see these two big water animals close to one another.

This one you can notice the large bite taken from lower part of shark. #pelagiccharters #sharksnacks #tigershark #venice #gopro

A photo posted by Captain William Wall (@pelagiccharters) on

The fight lasted for around 40 seconds of which 20 seconds the hammer head is adversary trapped in its opponents and later, the tiger shark moves with the victory, or probably after getting bored with the fight or seemingly uninterested with the fight or maybe running away right underneath Willsea’s camera.

All in all, the scene is just incredible to watch considering that the tiger is said to weigh 1000 pounds more in excess with other reports in Australia showing cases where some Tigers, weighing as much as 1500 pounds.

Tigers are terrifying killers to their own species and even to humans, not as much as great whites, they have highly serrated teeth, and powerful jaws, so chances are the poor hammerhead didn’t survive the fight.

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