No Doubt They Are The True King And Queen of Selfie Virus

No Doubt They Are The True King And Queen of Selfie Virus, Leonardo and Victoria:

No Doubt They Are The True King And Queen of Selfie Virus

No Doubt They Are The True King And Queen of Selfie Virus

Gone were those days when we need a specialized photographer to click a single photograph of ours or our family as technology has boomed passed that era. Smartphones are in as it occupied the space needed to carry a heavy camera for our vacations.

With the change in the technology, of course, there is a change in how we used to click our picture standing in the straight queue with a big smile on our face. Selfie is considered to be the new trend setter as over 79 million photos were published on the social media platform Instagram, with the specific hashtag #Selfie.

Live a life you will remember ✌?️?? with @victorianader1

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The application was designed while keeping youth in mind and most people with the age group of 16 and 25 are active users who update their profile on regular basis and regular means on daily. It is all about the likes and comments that you receive as your picture will be public and anyone sitting a thousand miles away will like and comment on your picture and within days you can get the popularity among the social media circle.

Clicking the selfie is not limited to your room, park, school, or any such classes but people and mostly couples are redefining the definition of selfie as it will raise your adrenaline levels just by watching the picture. They have reached the places which were never thought to be captured with a selfie stick in the hand and they will do anything to get the perfect shot for the selfie.

They reach the highest point of the mountain or the deepest possible in the sea to gather new followers and likes on their accounts and nowadays it is also considered as extreme sports with never ending adventures on the way.

"La felicidad solo es real cuando es compartida" #IntotheWind #goprocl #goprobr

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Leonardo Pereira, who is 23 old youth from Brazil, has over 46,000 followers on Instagram and they wait every second for the new update from him. He was twice mountain biking champion and a fan of mountain climbing, started his journey climbing new mountains with the help of ropes and he also stated that “I feel safe in dangerous situations” which made people follow him in numbers.

On his way to Pedra da Gavea, the highest coastal mountain in the world, where he met Vitoria, who shares the same passion and became partners in all the adventures. They are planning to start a new tour to China and Japan and will keep posting the selfie’s leaving the followers with chills in their spines

Like Leonardo and Victoria, there is another activist, Ivan Kuznetsov, whose dream is to climb the highest buildings in each city and captures the moment for memories and for the followers.

He argues that the risk doesn’t mean that he does not value life, in fact, quite the contrary: “This is life, this is how I express myself, and I appreciate it more than anyone else”. This might not be the right way to get new followers but they are doing what they liked the most and sure we will wait for the latest update.

Source: Leonardo Pereira

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