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Bridges have always stood out among other structures for their sheer sizes, structural design, and even the cost of putting them up. But while many bridges are celebrated for their iconic nature in the world, there are others that are outright scary to look at, leave alone using them. Here is 5 of the craziest bridges in the world. Read on.

1. Titlis Cliff Walk, Switzerland

How would feel to walk on a structure suspended 500 meters off the ground? Well, it can be outright terrifying. TITLIS Cliff Walk is one of the highest suspension bridges in Europe. The fact that the 100 meters long bridge is only 1m wide mean walking across the abyss is a breathtaking experience that can terrify many. Titlis Cliff Walk stretches from the south wall window to the Ice-Flyer glacier chair lift station.

2. Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan
Eshima Ohashi which links Matsue and Sakaiminato cities spans one mile of Lake Nakaumi in Japan.

Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

It is raised sharply at the centre to allow ships to pass under it undeterred. It’s so steep that it resembles the apex of a roller coaster.

It’s the third largest of such types of bridges in the world.

3. Dragon Bridge, Vietnam

Dragon Bridge, Vietnam

There are few bridges as bullish as the 666-meter-long Dragon shaped bridge located in Da Nang city, Vietnam.

The bridge was purposely built to attract tourists and it doesn’t disappoint as well over 3 million visitors witness its magnificent structural design as well as its fire breathing capabilities.

4. Rolling Bridge, London

 Rolling Bridge, London

This is strange, ingenious structure designed to allow pedestrians to cross over the Grand Union Canal in London.

It usually operates on Fridays and numerous passengers converge at the point to enjoy the thrill.

5. Trift Bridge, Switzerland

Trift Bridge, Switzerland
It’s billed to be the longest pedestrian-only suspension structure in the Swiss Alps. It covers the length of Lake Triftsee, near Gadmen and receives approximately 20,000 visitors yearly.

Final word
The world isn’t short of crazy structures and bridges have a special place in the list. Some were built to attract tourists, others as identity symbols or but many serve as a passage route for traffic. Nevertheless, they standout for their crazy but magnificent structural designs.

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