TOP 10 Military Powers in the World

TOP 10 Military Powers in the World -The Nations You Would not Want to go to War With

The world has become more and more militarized and an extremely dangerous place to live in. Armies are considered to be a very important part of a country together with its security. There are very few nations like Costa Rica that do not have armies. Nations across the globe concentrate on building huge armed forces by allocating huge sums of money towards the same.

Comparing the Military Power of Nations: Each country takes special initiatives in building its own army. This makes it a bit tricky to compare the strength of the armies of different countries. Hypothetically, it would not be possible to do. However, we still have some insights into the military strengths of different nations by considering the arsenal they possess, the level of the technology they use, the training, their power and number of allies, the size of the army and the budget allocated towards the same. This however is purely subjective as different people will have different considerations when comparing military power.

Top 10 Military Powers in the World 2015-2020:

10. Germany: Germany is one of the strongest economic forces in the world. It spends around $45 million each year on it army. In 2011, mandatory military service was eliminated and this explains why the army’s condition seems to have deteriorated. Germany has 183,000 active front-line personnel and 145,000 reservists. In addition to that, it has more than 5,000 land weapons which include 408 tanks.

9. Japan: This land of Samurais was a force to reckon during the WWII. It has an annual military expenditure of $49.1 billion. It has 247,000 active personnel and about 60,000 reservists. It has the 5th largest air force of 1,595 air crafts. Its military expansion has been necessitated by the growing disputes with China.

8. South Korea: South Korea shares its border with North Korea which is highly militarized. Having a powerful army is therefore a necessity for South Korea and therefore its annual military expenditure is $34 billion. It has 640,000 active personnel and 2,900,000 reservists as well as more than 15,000 land weapons including 2,381 tanks.

7. France: Its current military allocation is just $43 million a year. It has over 220,000 regular force and about 280,000 additional reservists. It has more than 9,000 land weapons and 601 helicopters.

6. Turkey: The presence of ISIS around the region has made Turkey to invest heavily on its defense. Its military budget currently stands at $18.18 billion each year. The army consists of 660,000 regular troops and reservists combined. It has 1000 air crafts and over 16,000 land weapons.

5. The United Kingdom: The military budget currently stands at $54 billion. It has 205,000 regular force, an air force of 908 air crafts and a navy of just 66 ships. It is however very powerful with superior training, equipment and has 160 nuclear weapons.

4. India: Its big population avails it with 1.325 million active military force. It has more than 16,000 land vehicles including 6,464 tanks, 1,785 air crafts together with its own nuclear weapons.

3. China: Its defense expenditure currently stands at $126 billion and there is more investment every year. It has a huge army of 2.285 million active personnel as well as 2.3 million reservists. It has more than 25,000 land vehicles and 2,800 aircraft for its air force. It has more than 300 nuclear weapons adding to its power.

2. Russia: Russia’s military budget stands at 76.6 billion with expectations of more growth. It has 766,000 active front line personnel an about 2.5 reservists. It has more than 15,500 tanks and 8,500 nuclear weapons.

1. The United States: The United States spends $612.5 billion on its military. It maintains an army of over 1.4 million troops, and additional 800,000 reservists who are thoroughly trained. It has a fleet of 19 aircraft carriers. It has 7,500 nuclear weapons and uses cutting-edge technology. It has maintained its position as the world’s superpower since WWII.


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