To beat a crocodile in water think like a jaguar

To beat a crocodile in water think like a jaguar

Animal fights, always a matter of life and death, probably take the pick of all wildlife videos. Animal fight videos show the actors in their entire wilderness – a natural instinct to kill and to evade death. Videos of animal fights combining land and water animals are an even bigger treat. In this exclusive wildlife video, watch how a Jaguar attacks a Crocodile.

In this spectacular video camera work, we see how a jaguar crosses the river, stealthily sneaks up from behind and attacks a crocodile on the opposite bank. With an efficient bite, it sinks its teeth in the neck or by piercing the skull, and the crocodile is cat meat in seconds.

Spread across Brazil’s Amazonian rainforests and other smaller patches of South and Central America, the jaguar is one of the most versatile killers of the cat family. A strong swimmer, the jaguar is definitely the most aquatically adept of all its feline relatives. Its diet is influenced by seasonal water levels which also determine its choice of prey. A jaguar’s diet consists of more than 85 species which includes deer, cattle and riparian vertebrates like crocodiles.

That was a big crocodile, and this jaguar shows how to beat the hosts at their own game. This animal fight video definitely stakes claim to the title of best wildlife video camera work of the year.


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