This aircraft is the worlds largest flying boat

World largest flying boat with a long service record which definitely impressive.

The Martin JRM Mars was designed for use during the World War 2 by the American Navy. It is one of the largest ever built allied flying boat in the history of the American military. Although, only seven Martin JRM Mars flying boats were initially designed, they were quite helpful during the Second World War. The initial contract by the US Navy was for the manufacture of XPB2M-1 which was to conduct ocean patrol both during the day and at night. This resulted in the production of Martin JRM for long range transportation of the American troop and other crucial elements by the USA Navy. Later, the only four remaining aircraft were used as firefighting water bombers.

Special features of Martin JRM Mars

The Martin JRM Mars had special features that made it unique and quite successful during the Second World War. These features include;

– Single-tail design

– Increased Maximum take-off weight

– Reduced Bulkheads and a long hull

– Special overhead cargo handling equipment’s

– Four powerful Wright R-3350-24WA Cyclone engines

– 4-bladed propellers inbuilt in each of the engine

– Cargo hatches

Flying boat were essential elements that played a critical role during the Second World War. There were used by different troops to initiate attacks and as well protect their territories from attacks by their enemies. The Catalina flying boats, for instance, were used by the Australian troop over the Indian and the Pacific oceans.

Among the most incredible used flying boats were the spruce goose, the Hughes flying boats, and Dornier and Hercules planes. These were among the largest ever built flying boats in the history of the world. The Spruce goose, for instance, had a wooden framework which critic claimed could not effectively withstand weight during long flights. However, it was quite effective.

Different seaplanes developed today has a unique attribute that related to the modern flying boats. Traditional seaplanes, therefore, formed a stable foundation in the development of aircraft which engineers still hold on today.

See the below video to watch this amazing plane in action.


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