The Lost World Mount Roraima, A legend among the clouds

A legend among the clouds – Lost World Mount Roraima:

A legend among the clouds – Lost World Mount Roraima

A legend among the clouds – Lost World Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima is one of the unique mountains as it has flat-top which is in the Pakaraima Mountains of the Guiana Highlands and marks the border between Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana with almost three-quarters of the mountain is in Venezuelan territory.

It is quite remarkable to be above the clouds in the natural hotels with Jacuzzis with a steep height of 400m above the ground. The weather changes drastically as it rains almost every day which is responsible for washing away most of the nutrients for plants to grow and creating a unique landscape on the surface which is mesmerizing with the first look on it.

A legend among the clouds – Lost World Mount Roraima

A legend among the clouds – Lost World Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima is the highest of the chain of tepui plateaus in South America creates some of the highest waterfalls in the world and the famous Angel falls is located just 130 miles away which is another site to visit during the tour.

It was first discovered by Sir Walter Raleigh during his expedition in 1595 and it depicts the Lost World of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle which inspired his hit film ‘Jurassic Park’. As per the carbon dating process, it was concluded that the Roraima is almost 2 billion years old and was a witness of change that happened over the years.

Mount Roraima has a habitat of many special species like Roraima black frog and certain types of orchids and carnivorous plants. The Roraima, located in the La Gran Sabana, the eastern sector of Canaima National park and one of the Tepuis which can be reached by foot and tracking and due to its location, it is one of the wettest regions on the planet with 31 square kilometre platform of pools which are formed by nature and different rocky formations.

Every year there is an expedition which lasts for five to six days depending on the weather conditions which starts from Santa Elena de Uairen, a tiny city lies at the foot of the giant mountain. It is the best place to explore the nature and the routes are quite simple which makes it easier for the travelers without a hassle for a guide.

A legend among the clouds – Lost World Mount Roraima

A legend among the clouds – Lost World Mount Roraima

Most of the paths get covered with clouds which make it difficult for the travelers to judge the right way but most of them are into tracking for years and with the right sense, they find the right way to reach the top of the mountain.

There are three different camps which are located near the mountain and they are Tok camp, Kukenan Camp, and Basecamp. These camps will begin the expedition with a day on the top of the mountain which gives the view of the lifetime and in other days, you can have a dip in the natural pools and visit different monuments around the mountain.

Reaching the top of the mountain will come with a struggle and after reaching the summit, the best way to relax is with a dip in the relaxing waters of natural pools.

It is the best get away point which is away from the crowd and the building and it makes you feel that you are close to our beautiful nature.

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