The Inside Story – India’s Secret Operation in Myanmar

The Inside Story – India’s Secret Operation in Myanmar

In a reply to the ambush killing of 18 soldiers in the Chandel district of Manipur by NSCN-K militants on 4th June, India carried out a surgical strike in Myanmar. After the attack, the militants crossed the border back in Myanmar and hid in 2 camps there. Following the ambush, Indian Intelligence traced down their hide-outs. Drones where used to pin-point locate the militants deep inside the Myanmar territory. The camps where located east of Nagaland and Manipur well inside Myanmar.For the surgical strike, the planning began about five days ago.

The Inside Story

National Security Advisor Ajit Doval skipped Prime Minister’s Bangladesh visit and camped in Manipur instead. Army Chief Dalbir Singh Suhaag also cancelled his UK visit for the same and accompanied him. Assisted by the Indian Air Force, the Indian Army’s para commandos were strategically air dropped near the militant-camps and at around 3 AM the operation began which was carried out until afternoon. Just before the operation, India sent a message to Myanmar army informing about it.

The Inside Story

Apparently, this insurgency attack was a combined effort of Indian Army and Indian Air Force alone. Myanmar Army didn’t play any active role in this operation. The two camps were estimated to have a total of 150 militants. Sources said, at least 50 militants were gunned down, but the total could be much higher, even maybe around 100 while some militants fled away deeper inside the Myanmar territory.After the Successful Indian surgical strike in Myanmar, the Army Said that, ” The operation was a symbol of close cooperation between militaries of both the nations.

Myanmar operation

To counter terrorism, we are committed to work and carry out such operations.”The Indian surgical strike in Myanmar is also asserted to send a stern message to Pakistan and especially to China who, according to Indian Intelligence sources, was believed to be involved in supporting the militants for the attack on 4th June. The operation is also a symbol of India’s stand towards its ‘Non Tolerance’ policy against the enemies of the country.


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