The Best Animal Attack Videos A lion attacked a buffalo and then – Watch

The Best Animal Attack Videos A lion attacked a buffalo and then – Watch

Watching wild animals attack each other in the wild is many people’s hobby. This amazing lion vs buffalo video on YouTube is quite engaging. From the look of things, the lion seems to have attacked the buffalo before things turned on him. The video shows the fight between the two animals before things get harder for the lion when he is attacked by more buffalos. Though the lion seems to lose the fight and pays with his life at the end of the ordeal, the king of the jungle fought with amazing courage and tactics the entire time.

This animal attack video starts with the lion on the ground attacking the buffalo in an upside down position, while the buffalo is attacking while standing. The lion is badly wounded and bleeding but doesn’t retaliate. The buffalo attacks fiercely and charges continuously at the lion but the lion seems to spot the attacks on time to dodge. Buffalos are known to be fierce and dangerous, the lion brave and strong, and these characteristics clearly show in this wildlife video. The lion hides from the buffalo by lying down on the ground to avoid the buffalo horns.

On the other hand, the lion grabs the buffalo with its claws and bites it hard. At every opportunity that it gets, the lion jumps on the buffalo in a revenge attack but the buffalo seems to outwit the king of the jungle. As the video progresses, both animals seem to become exhausted, and even the buffalo tries to walk away from the fight. Every time the buffalo tries to quit the fight, the lion attacks, even though it seems to be dying.

Finally, when other buffaloes shows up and intervenes by attacking the lion, it becomes clear that the lion can’t walk out of the fight alive. The lion is tossed and smashed among ugly horns and it eventually dies. Then I’m sad that it has to die.

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