Are you or any of your family member suffering from insomnia? Read this

Are you or any of your family member suffering from insomnia? Read this

Many people do not know the real facts about insomnia. In simple words, insomnia can be defined as ‘sleeplessness’. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder. The person suffering from insomnia is unable to fall asleep for long even if they want to.

Insomnia can further lead to other memory problems like depression and memory loss. Insomnia also increases the risk of heart disease and quick automobile accidents.

There are two types of insomnia:

  • Primary insomnia: Primary insomnia is just a sleeping disorder. It does not attribute to medical, environmental or psychological cause. In the case of primary insomnia, the person is not able to experience refreshing sleep. The patient feels disturbance in maintaining proper sleep.
  • Secondary insomnia: The secondary insomnia is a result of the medical and psychological causes. The person suffering from secondary insomnia wakes up often during the night and feels trouble in going back to sleep. In this case, the people experience the sleeping problem due to some medical diseases like asthma, depression or cancer.

Causes of insomnia: Sometimes insomnia is caused due to the medical or psychological diseases like depression, allergies, and heart diseases.

Sometimes the personal issues like divorce, job issues or the death of the loved ones can cause insomnia.

Several people suffer from emotional or physical disorders. Such disorders can also be the reason for insomnia.

The environmental disturbance like noise, pollution can also cause insomnia.

Doctors have recorded that, the major cause for insomnia is interference in the sleeping schedule. People switch their working schedule, which cause sleeping disorder.

Anxiety can also lead to insomnia.

Major symptoms:

  • The person suffering from insomnia feels sick and tired during the day.
  • The feeling of irritability arises.
  • The person suffering from insomnia experiences memory problem. Patient lacks concentration. He becomes unable to remember the past happenings.
  • Person suffering from insomnia can face automobile accidents. The fall asleep, while driving.
  • The person suffering from insomnia lacks consciousness.


The person feeling sleeping disorder should immediately consult their doctor. You can also have a physical examination for the disorder.

For self-examination, you can keep a sleep diary for a week or month. You need to keep a track on all the sleeping duration and sleeping patterns. This diary will help the doctor for better diagnosis of the disorder.

You need to keep record about how you feel during the day and evening time. You must try some meditation techniques for improving you consciousness.

Your doctor may ask about your bed patterns. Bed patterns are the description about the quantity and quality of your sleep.

In case of chronic insomnia, the person may be referred to sleep centers for some special examinations.

Treatment for the disease:  Insomnia can be treated naturally and medically. The proper meditation and exercise can help you fight insomnia better. Acute insomnia may not require drugs; proper sleeping practices can easily cure the acute insomnia.

If you are feeling really tired and irritate to work along your schedule, then your doctor may prescribe you some sleeping pills for a limited period.

The person suffering from insomnia must avoid the high dose of counter sleeping pills. Such pills can cause undesired side effects. Continuous use of the counter sleeping pills will reduce its effect.

In case of chronic insomnia, the behavioral therapy can be a better option to treat the disorder. The person feeling the symptoms of chronic insomnia should consult their health providers about such therapy.

Behavioral approaches can help you to improve your behavior, which may worsen insomnia. Such therapy will also guide some behaviors to promote your sleeping duration and quality.

Therapies like reconditioning, sleeping restriction activities and relaxation exercise can be a better option to treat insomnia.

So, now you’ve learned about insomnia; the person suffering from such disorder can follow this guide to fight insomnia. If you feel like you need a doctor, do not hesitate and visit the doctor as soon as possible. In most of the cases, insomnia is just a psychological issue. For more information on health and fitness keep visiting Media24by7 Health.


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