Spine Chilling SFX Artist Freakmo Brings Nightmares To Life

Spine Chilling SFX Artist Freakmo Brings Nightmares To Life

Spine Chilling SFX Artist Freakmo Brings Nightmares To Life

If you have watched horror movies, you no doubt have been through the nightmares that come with the gruesome looks that the character portrays. With many looks looking too unreal, most people find that in no time they get used to the film looks and even the fright disappears with it. However when it comes to making it all too real and even too scary.

Freakmo goes beyond that and makes it all come alive as one of the best makeup artists focused on horror makeovers. Kiana jones who goes by the name Freakmo is a self taught horror makeover artist working to produce master horror pieces.

The effort

The uniqueness about this Perth, Australia based makeup artist is the effort she puts in every makeover tutorial that she does. Freakmo puts on hours of work to ensure that the final look does not have any flaws seen or invisible.

Spine Chilling SFX Artist Freakmo Brings Nightmares To Life

In fact if its eye lashes she will place in individual pieces until the look is complete, the same goes for eyebrows and other kinds of hairs. However her most memorable look is the “Blood” costume that was inspired by none other than Taylor swift, which even won album of the year award. In the look, she did her magic, giving the flesh falling look a transformation that is even better than the original look and all with makeup. With this its not surprising that she has garnered up to 60 million views in YouTube videos.


The transformations mainly done using makeup is almost too real to look like its all makeup used. Looking at the revealed finger bones, slit throat and even face falling off, the sight is not for the faint heart.

Spine Chilling SFX Artist Freakmo Brings Nightmares To Life

However she doesn’t stop there and offers diversity to achieve a complete look from head to toe. Using a few added aesthetics, the makeup artist ensures that if its fingers cut, bleeding eyes, falling flesh from body everything is available as is. Still the number of looks achieved are more than a few, giving a number of choices to everyone looking for inspirational looks.

The inspirations

The best part about Freakmo makeover tutorial transform videos are the videos themselves. This simply means that by watching them, anyone can recreate the look they want by just using makeup. In fact thinking about it theme parties are never going to be the same again. When it comes to Halloween, you definitely will stand as unique with the most spine chilling nightmare looks that have been brought back to life.

Source: Barcroft TV

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