This video has become viral on social media due to its unpredictable ending

This video is shot during a careers day whereby one student goes to a careers desk and instead of a job invite, he gets some candy. When leaving the desk, he bends down to tie his shoes and in that squatting position he notices a couple of beautiful girls with short skirts walking towards the elevator. Their beauty is so stunning that this young man forgets that he was tying his laces and also accidentally drops his candy on the elevator.As the first beauty climbs the elevator, she notices the candy at the top the elevator and she bends to pick it exposing her pants. The guy stares at the lady in disbelief and excitement and quickly rushes back to the candy dish and picks more pieces. He throws them on the escalator intentionally with the hope that the passing ladies will bend to pick them hence giving him the chance to see more panties and beautiful thighs. Luckily every passing girl picks a candy and the guy is very excited.

Finally one last dazzling beauty walks towards the elevator and notices the candy guy staring at her in a lustful way. She teases him by blowing him a kiss from the middle of the escalator. Things heighten when this beauty bends to pick a candy and her dress strips off fully exposing her pants. The candy guy on seeing this, runs towards the girl with the aim of giving her his coat to help cover her body. He accidentally trips in the middle of the escalator and falls to what looks like his death.This video has become viral on social media due to its unpredictable ending. Most first time viewers expect it to have a different ending, say one pant less girl or a bi-gorgeous lady but to their dismay, the ending is nothing close to it. This ending is what catches may people off guard and prompts many viewers to share it.

(Courtesy : YouTube)

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