Sneak Peak Into A Day Of “The Mountain”, GOT Star Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson

Sneak Peak Into A Day Of “The Mountain”, GOT Star Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson

Sneak Peak Into A Day Of The Mountain, GOT Star Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson

“The Mountain” doesn’t spend necessarily all his time on the battlefield or even on the steps of the door of Cersei.

No, he also happens to advertise and recently participated in the filming of an advertisement for an Icelandic vodka, an ad that focuses on his character and should therefore appeal to many fans of Game of Thrones, and even others elsewhere.


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Ser Cregor Clegane, is interpreted by an actor named Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson. If that name means nothing to you, this is quite normal since it is his first role.

In reality, Hafthor is not really an actor … but rather a sportsman.

Born in Iceland in 1988, he began with an interest in basketball before moving to showdowns. In fact, everything started from a simple meeting at the very beginning. Our friend went to the same gym that Magnús Ver Magnússon was attending.

After being complimented on his big muscles, the latter had offered him to participate in a contest and Hafthor eventually got caught up in the game. Since then, he earned numerous awards.

It’s also due to his extraordinary body (2.06 m to 183 kg) that the strong man got allowed to win the role of the Mountain in Game of Thrones.

Good morning everyone! My breakfast this morning: 6 eggs, 6 pieces bacon, 200gr oatmeal & a glass of a fresh orange juice! ??

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It’s not going to stop there not elsewhere since he will also be on show at the next Kickboxer, in the role of the terrible Mongkut.

Anyway, brands also appreciate his stature and an Icelandic gluten-free vodka brand has recently offered to turn in a pretty hilarious TV spot, a spot which obviously gives pride to his character and which includes in addition to many nods to the famous HBO series.

And you know what ? The result is really friendly and this sequence finally proves that Hafthor is provided with a solid humor, and kindness.

In the video, he allows us to follow him for a day to see his routine. Seen walking in Reykjavik, train and eat …. A lot !!

Source: Icelandic Mountain Spirits

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