Smart tips to pack your luggage before traveling

Smart tips to pack your luggage before traveling

Planning a trip is very simple but packing the stuff is a difficult task for women. Sometimes you miss the important stuff in hurry and sometimes your bag is too overloaded that your cheering mood gets spoiled due to this heavy load. Here at Media24by7, we bring a solution for your problems with this helpful guide on packing.

  • Have day-to-day planning:
    Count the days you are going for a trip and keep your luggage according to the requirement. Don’t overload your bags with the things you won’t use. Decide what you are exactly going to wear and keep it accordingly. Do not forget to keep your socks, towels and the inner garments because these are one of the most important things that you may forget to carry. To avoid the over load, you can wear the same outfit on the flight back that you did on the flight out. You must keep such shoes that match to all your outfits that you are taking. And do not forget to keep your slippers.
  • Don’t ignore the weather:
    Weather plays an important role in packing the bags for trip. Choose all your dresses and shoes according to the weather. A small mistake in selecting the cloths can spoil your holidays completely. So understand the weather conditions well and start your packing according to it.
  • Put large clothes in bottom:
    While packing the suitcase or bag, you should keep all the large and heavier stuff at the bottom. It will make the lifting of the suitcase easier and you can find everything inside your bag very easily.
  • Roll and Rock:
    If you wish to make more space in your suitcase then you should start rolling and folding the clothes. This technique will create sufficient space for other items. The items that are elastic can be rolled easily whereas the item that gets wrinkled should not be rolled. The best thing about rolling is that you can tightly pack the items. This method should be used if the space in your suitcase is less.
  • Create columns with T-Shirts:
    This will make the suitcase more organized, as the columns will separate the clothes, shoes and other accessories. Using the folded T-shirts can distribute the material in an appropriate way. The delicate items should be avoided on holidays, but if you are taking them, keep them in center of the bag or suitcase.
  • Use small bags:
    Put your shoes in the plastic bags so that it will not make your cloths dirty. Take a bag for all the other accessories that you are taking with you, use separate bag for some delicate ornaments or jewelries. Take all the required first aid and the other medicine that you take on regular basis. Do not forget to take torch, candle, lighters, pins, threads and nail as these small things can really help you in emergencies.
  • Utilize the creases:
    The inner garments must be kept in the creases of the bags. You may also find chains in the suitcase where there are columns. You can keep the inner wear in those columns so that you can easily find them. Keeping the inner wear in the creases will make sure that you don’t miss the valuable space in between.

These are some effective ways for packing the bags. Do not be panic, stay relaxed during packing and follow the tips given above. You can definitely be a smart bag packer. Hope you enjoyed reading these tips, for more information and helpful updates visit Media24by7.


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